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  1. DaveHam9


    NSW Marriage 1313/1880 ANDERSON ALBERT - WADDELL MARY - SYDNEY * 15 Nov 1880 1363/1880 ANDERSON ALBERT - WADDELL MARY - SYDNEY * 23 Nov 1880 Looking for their deaths, thanks.
  2. A

    Burma adivse required - update from 2013 post here

    My Great Grandfather - James Gibb married Jane Waddell in Rangoon on 11th October 1880. He had 4 daughters with Jane some of whom were also born in Burma. After their fourth daughter was born James and Jane separated. After this James then had a relationship with Jane Carter Younger and they...
  3. A

    UK to Burma - late 1800's early 1900's

    Please be patient when reading this as I have to set the background before I ask the question! My great grandfather, James Gibb was married to Jane Waddell in Rangoon in 1880 ( I have copies of their marraige record) and had four daughters, two of whom were born in Rangoon ( Isabella Gibb in...