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  1. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - FUIGE & WRIGHT

    Harrington St, Sydney ? FUIGE James Mudgee WRIGHT Amelia Thanks, Dave
  2. horse

    Harriet Richardson, nee Wright

    Hi Harriet b. 1869 Burton Pidsea. Looking for her death, this looks to be the most likely, need something else to prove it: Deaths Q4 1934 Richardson Harriet Age 66 Sculcoates 9d 128 More info HERE Many thanks Geoff
  3. horse

    Fred Wright

    Hi Looking for Fred's bap and parents.. Births Q1 1890 Wright Fred Patrington Vol 9d, Page 300 This is him in 1891 Civil Parish: Burton Pidsea Ecclesiastical parish: Burton Pidsea Town: Burton Pidsea County: Yorkshire RD: Patrington ED: 22; RG12; Piece: 3947; Folio: 112A; Page: 11...
  4. horse

    Wright sisters

    Hi Looking for anything on Ada b. 1874, Kate b. 1878 & Eliza b. 1880 all b. Burton Pidsea. Parents = John Wright & Jane Middleton. I have details on the other family members EDIT: or in other threads. This is them in 1881 Civil Parish: Burton Pidsea County: Yorkshire RD: Patrington Sub RD...
  5. horse

    Harriet Wright

    Hi Looking for anything after 1881 on Harriet. b. 1869 Burton Pidsea. Parents = John Wright & Jane Middleton. This may be Harriet in 1891 Civil Parish: Burton Pidsea Town: Burton Pidsea County: Yorkshire RD: Patrington ED: 22; RG12; Piece: 3947; Folio: 108; Page: 2 William Carr Thompson 79...
  6. horse

    Jane Ann Wright

    Hi Looking for anything after 1871 on Jane. b. 1866 Burton Pidsea [Patrington RD] Parents = John Wright and Jane Middleton This may be her in 1881 Civil Parish: Elstronwick and Danthorpe County: Yorkshire RD: Skirlaugh Sub RD: Humbleton ED: 3; RG11; Piece: 4787; Folio: 29; Page: 4 Peter...
  7. horse

    Brian/Bryan Wright

    Hi Looking to prove/disprove his death in 1882. b. 1865 Burton Pidsea [Patrington RD]. Parents = John Wright and Jane Middleton. Last seen in 1881 Civil Parish: Burton Pidsea County: Yorkshire RD: Patrington Sub RD: Patrington ED: 22; RG11; Piece: 4786; Folio: 110; Page: 19 Joseph Henry...
  8. horse

    John Wright - 1841

    Hi Looking for John in 1841. b. c1829 Ottringham. Parents = William and Jane. This is his family in 1841 Civil Parish: Ottringham Hundred: Holderness (South Division) County: Yorkshire RD: Patrington Sub-RD: Patrington ED: 9; Piece: 1223; Book: 9; Folio: 9; Page: 13 William Wright 35 [ag...
  9. DaveHam9

    John HIRST & Ruth WRIGHT

    John HIRST & Ruth WRIGHT 16 Sep 1782 St Peter's Huddersfield, Yorkshire Batch: M018501 groom's name: John Hirst groom's birth date: 1752 groom's birthplace: groom's age: 30 bride's name: Ruth Wright bride's birth date: 1752 bride's birthplace: bride's age: 30 marriage date: 3 Sep 1782...
  10. DaveHam9

    Name of registrar

    The name of the Registrar appears three times on the image. John Ailuckle/ Aibuckle ? Thanks, Dave
  11. DaveHam9

    Edmund WRIGHT

    1871 Civil Parish: Great Bolton County: Lancashire Registration District: Bolton Sub-RD: Bolton Eastern ED: 9 William Wright Head M 43 Bolton, Lancashire Alice Wright Wife F 38 Bolton, Lancashire Mary A Wright dau F 19 Bolton, Lancashire Ellen Wright dau F 17 Bolton, Lancashire...
  12. DaveHam9

    Agnes WRIGHT

    Agnes Wright b. 14 Sep 1816 christening: 15 Sep 1816 Torthorwald, Dumfries, Scotland David Wright & Margaret Rutherford William MALCOLM & Agness WRIGHT 23 May 1840 Largs, Ayr, Scotland Batch: M116024 1841 Piece: SCT1841/850 Place: Torthorwald -Dumfries-shire Enumeration District: 2 Civil...
  13. horse

    Robert Wright

    Hi Looking for Robert's death [b. 1870 Patrington RD] There are a few possibles, but not easy to pin down, no other researchers appear to have found a validated source. Will probably require a press entry or probate to confirm/cross-reference. He was in Hedon in 1911: RD: Sculcoates RD No...
  14. horse

    Robert Wright

    Hi Looking for Robert's baptism. Parents John and Jane, nee Middleton Birth Reg: Births Q4 1870*** Wright*Robert** Patrington* 9d, 245 Many thanks Geoff
  15. horse

    George Wright

    Hi Looking for George's bap. He was b. Ottringham, E Yorks. Parents John & Eliza This is likely to be his reg. Births Mar 1854 Wright George William Patrington 9d, 191 There are 2 other possible reg's for 1853/4 There is a submitted entry on FS which looks right and would fit.. George...
  16. DaveHam9

    1913 Electoral Roll - WRIGHT

    Probably Petersham area WRIGHT Annie (d. 1918 ) WRIGHT Thomas (d. ? ) === FLETCHER Mary Death 4567/1915 FLETCHER MARY - THOMAS E - ELIZABETH - SYDNEY The Sydney Morning Herald - Tuesday 8 June 1915 p.5 FUNERALS FLETCHER.-The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs MARY FLETCHER are...
  17. DaveHam9

    Mary Ann RUDDLE

    2nd Marriage 2534/1885 WRIGHT THOMAS - POWELL ANNIE - PETERSHAM ** 22 Aug Death 15504/1918 WRIGHT ANNIE - WILLIAM - ELIZABETH - PETERSHAM WRIGHT Annie Funeral notice 15NOV1918 Funeral late of Petersham SMH 15NOV1918 The Sydney Morning Herald - Friday 15 November 1918 p.6...
  18. horse

    John Wright - Marriage

    Hi It is likely John Wright b. abt 1829 Ottringham, E Yorks married a Jane Middleton in 1859 Patrington RD, which covers Ottringham. He isn't married in 1851, by 1861 he has two sons George 8y and William inf. and is with wife Jane. There are 4 possible marriages between 1851-1853 that would...
  19. horse

    Jane Wright, nee Middleton ?

    Hi Looking for Jane's death, she is still around in 1911 living with a Hunt family in Burton Pidsea. She was born abt 1839 Burton Pidsea. Married 1859 to John Wright, Hull. John possibly had one or two questionable marriages previously. The couple are well documented from 1861 in Burton...
  20. DaveHam9

    Ida Malvina BECK

    NSW Birth 21082/1888 BECK IDA M - MORWICK C - LILLIAN M - EDEN Ida Malvina Bap 10 Oct 1888 CofE Bombala Charles & Lilian Marriage 14431/1914 WRIGHT GEORGE - BECK IDA M - NEWTOWN Looking for anything on Ida after 1914. Thanks, Dave