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  1. J

    Leslie Eli Smith-RAF

    Hi, my great grandad was in the RAF for WW2 and i know he went to Africa and I'm pretty sure he was based in the north of Africa. He is orginally from Birmingham i was wondering if anyone could track him down/come across him or his regiment history because i have had no luck anywhere. Thank you...
  2. J

    Horace Harborne-WW2-India&Burma

    Hi, Horace Harborne is my great grandad and he was in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. i have some history on him such as he went to India and Burma and Japan after the H bomb was dropped. Could any help with tracing his regimental history? Here is a picture of...
  3. admin

    May 8th 1945 - VE Day in Europe

    1945 VE Day in Europe. After five years, eight months, and five days of massive devastation, the end of the European phase of World War II was celebrated. Victory in Europe was commemorated with celebrations all around the world in recognition of the unconditional surrender of all German...
  4. T

    WW2 UK ID Cards

    I have several family ID cards, all of which have different "Class Codes" What is the interpretation of this? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. R

    Missing in Action 2

    Hello Continuing with my search for this 'Missing In Action Crew', from 1945 Can you help find relatives of these people. John Herbert McDowall - 2nd Pilot FAMILY LOCATED & CONTACTED Born: Oct-Nov-Dec 1923 Location: Prestwich, Lancashire, England Father: Norman Herbert McDowall Born: June...