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12 (Finsbury Rifles) Light AA Regiment RA(TA)


I'm looking for any info on the Finsbury Rifles during WW2. After my Grandad passed away I began to type up the many many letters that he had sent home to his parents, and they had kept, from his time during the war. He was a remarkably funny man and a great writer, documenting traveling through (as far as I can make out from his censored letters) Cape Town, Bombay, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sicily & Italy. He didn't see much action so his letters are an interesting portrayal of a young man who was traveling the world and having the time of his life.

I would like to find out as much as I can about the regiment, specific dates and places that they were posted, as well as if there is any Veterans society or anyone I can contact who might be interested in the letters and photos, of which I am hoping to put together into a book.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
12 (Finsbury Rifles) Light AA Regiment RA(TA)

Apr 39 Formed from 1 bty 61 AA Bde
Sep 39 London District,Pentonville, London, UK
May 42,10 Army ,Persia
Sep 42,PAI Force,Iraq
May 43,Middle East Forces,N Africa
Jul 43,8 Army,N Africa
Sep 43,8 Army,Italy
Mar 45,66 AA Bde,Italy
Batteries Sep 39, 34, 35, 36, 44.

:) hope this helps.

Also u might be interested in contacting these
Thankyou so much everyone for your links and help, I will definitely look into these and let you know if I have any success!

Thanks again!
What a coincidence. I am just about to search the war history of my wife's father Edgar Murray. Served in the same Regiment 1940-1946. Similar pictures and letters as you describe, ie Iraq, Iran Italy Sicily etc. Trying to put together the story.
Love to exchange info pictures etc.
My paternal Grandfather served in the Finsbury Rifles (TA) in all the places mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

He joined the 'Pentonville Pissers' as they were colloquially known before WWII as a young lad in his mid-teams (probably lied about his age as many did). He was posted to Hornchurch in Essex where he met my Grandmother (just celebrated her 90th Birthday).

My Grandfather subsequently served on the committee of the Finsbury Rifles Old Comrades Association for as long as I can remember. He also used to carry the Finsbury Rifles Regimental Colour in the annual Lord Mayor's Show, again for as long as I can remember.

I knew quite a few of the old boys from the Finsbury's, both from WWII era and the post-war TA unit.

The last dinner of the Finsbury Rifles Old Comrades Association was held at the Victory Services Club in London about 5 years ago (I have the dinner menu somewhere). The dinner was attended by the President, Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, and a Chelsea Pensioner who was Monty's driver after WWII (both gave excellent speeches). My father is an honorary member of the Finsbury Rifles OCA.

Sadly my Grandfather is no longer with us, but I believe a former (WWII era) RSM of the Finsbury Rifles is still with us and living in the Chelsea Pensioners home.

Field Marshal Lord Harding started his careers as a private soldier in the Finsbury Rifles (TA) was for many years President of the OCA. My grandparents went to a service of remembrance at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst were a stained glass window was dedicated to his memory.
I just remembered the name of the former RSM of the Finsbury Rifles who went in to the Chelsea Pensioners home some years ago; William (Bill) Leonard MBE.

He wrote an (unpublished) history of the Finsbury Rifles WWII exploits. I believe my father may have a copy.

I don't know what happened to the regimental colours, but they were certainly draped over my grandfather's coffin at his funeral. I think there was also some regimental silver and medals which my father may know the whereabout of.