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17 & 18th century records problem

Hi, this is my first post. I tried finding where to write but for some reason either the web page or my pc slowed up.
Basically I have used ancestry.com and with my local librarian's help traced my family history back the early 19th century. This is for my name Dodd , which can be accessed in Dodd Family Tree . I was led to believe by my parents that I could be related to a famous maritime oil painter . Robert Dodd ( 1748 -1815) I have even seen some of his work in the Greenwich Maritime musuem . My father's name was Robert, my grandfather William and his father and grandfather both named Robert. My great grandfather , on censuses was a gasfitter and had 5 or 6 children ( though amazingly appears to have only officially married the mother of these children after they were born circa 1882. His father( my great great grandfather) is down as Robert occupation: Painter. The family seemed to all have lived in or around Tower Hamlets or Kensington or Mile End. The earliest census I can access about 1842 gives the latter's age as50 putting his birth at around 1792 . We have found a baptism list for 1778 with the name Robert , son of Robert ( famous artist ) & Mary (ne. Fulton) so there is 14 year discrepancy ! PLEASE has anyone any thought as to how I can solve this? Thanks Brian E. Dodd :':)'(

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