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1830 Occupation


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Bap V1830519 14/1830 HERNE FRANCES - JOHN MARY

Page 7
Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Bathurst in the County of - in the Year 1830
No. 97 When Baptised: 1830 Sept 5 When Born: 1830 Augt. 5 Frances - John Hearne & Mary Sullivan his wife Abode: O'Connell Plains Quality or Profession: Servant? Overseer ? to ... ? Hassal By whom the Ceremony was performed: John Espy Keane

There are several possible - Rev Thomas Hassall, Rev J. S. Hassall or may not be either of those if it is Overseer.


cropHEARNE Frances V14 1830-Bap zoom.jpg
The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 - 1842) Thu 12 Aug 1824 p.2
Mr. William Lane, overseer to Mrs. Hassall, at
O'Connel-plains, in the Bathurst country, de-
posed, that a party of the natives visited that ...

In 1827 there is a James Hassall at O'Connell Plains and a Jonathan Hassall at Bathurst.
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In 1832 the Rev Thomas Hassall had a convict tailor assigned to him by the name of James Manger.

Can't find an assignment for John Hearn(e).
Marriage V1844436 29/1844 BRIGHT ROBERT - HEARNE OR HEARN FRANCES MC= CofE Bungonia; Goulburn; St Saviors (Co. Argyle; Goulburn Plains; Lake Bathurst; Marulan

Page 31
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of St. Saviour in the County of Argyle in the Year 1844
No. 122
Robert Bright of the Parish Bigga, Georgiana Bachelor
Frances Hearn of the Parish ... Gully, Georgiana Spinster
married in this Church by Banns with consent of John Hearn the natural lawfut father of the aforenamed Frances Hearn
this thirty first day of December 1844 By me George N. Woodd Officiating Minister
Parties signed: Robert Bright, Frances Hearn
Witnesses: John Hearn of ... Gully his x mark, Mary Ann Hearn of ... Gully her x mark

That must be Slate's Gully.