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1841 Census - Henry HAIGH occupation


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HO107 Piece/Book 740/8 Folio 43 Page 2
Civil Parish: St Martin in The Fields
Hundred: Westminster
County: Middlesex
Registration District: St Martin in The Fields
Sub-RD: Long Acre
ED: 18
Address: 79 Drury Lane
Henry Haigh 20 Tr... Y
Page 3
Maria Daniels 38 Embroiderer Y
Josephine 9 Y
James Charles 8 Y
Maria 6 Y
Samuel 5 Y
Emily 3 Y



I don't fair well in these, this looks like him in 1851 if it helps, partial copy for ID purposes..



EDIT: In 1861, does now look like tailor's trimming seller
Thanks Geoff.

Ok Trimming Seller it is then.

It's actually the Daniel family I'm tracing so I didn't follow Henry.

I spent a few hours at the local library today so have lots of census images.

HO107 Piece 1482 Folio 301 Page 40
Civil Parish: St Martin in The Fields
County: Middlesex
Registration District: St Martin in The Fields
Sub-RD: Long Acre
ED: 11
No of Schedule: 207
Address: 79 Drury Lane
Eliza Landfried Aunt Unm 50 Embroideress St Clements
Eliza Josephine Daniel Niece Unm 19 Embroideress St Martin in The Fields
James Charles Daniel Nephew Unm 18 Shopman St Martin in The Fields Lame
Maria Daniel Niece 16 Domestic Employment St Martin in The Fields
Samuel Daniel Nephew 14 Silk Winder St Martin in The Fields

Looking for arrival of James Charles Daniel(s).

NSW Marriage 1925/1869 DANIEL JAMES C - YERBURY ANN - YOUNG * 6 Nov


I have not made the connection to the aunt yet.

Eliza and Maria must be sisters.

A marriage before 1833 for James John Daniel & Maria Landfriede

James John Daniel
Spouse's Name:
Maria Landfriede
Event Date:
04 Dec 1830
Event Place:
Old Church,Saint Pancras,London
Batch: M047931
I had very little trouble finding the images and not much trouble reading them.
There will be a few posts where I can't read the address.

Did find all sorts of transcription errors and not just with names or pob. One had page as 21 instead of 12. One had the wrong RD. One the wrong Sub-RD.