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1841 Census look up please - Drury

i'm looking for a maria Drury born around 1840. Her parents were John Drury and Bridget O'Byrne (not sure of the spelling). She was not born in the UK she was born in ireland. I'm not sure what county she was living in. Any information would help

Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

No luck either. Have you found the parents on any of the census, I had a look but no John and Bridget Drury born Ireland. Did she come over without them?
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Thanks for that Julie,

i'm at a real loss here.
I was initially advised that Maria Drury (who is my gt,gt grandmother), came from ireland over to scotland in 1859 in time for her marraige in 1861. Then i was advised that she came over from ireland and lived in england before moving up here to scotland. I can't find her on any of the scottish census records before 1901, when she is 60. although i do have her marraige certificate but it does not give any clues. I'm not sure where else to look!

Are you able to look at the 1861 census to see if she is there? she would have been 21.

Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Looks like her in 1861 name spelt Drewry.Can only view the transribed census not the census image.

As follows:-

Civil parish Dundee
Reg district Dundee first district

Bridge Drewry age 42 occ winder born Ireland
Maria Drewry age 20 occ inte weaver born Ireland
Bridget Finnan age 26 occ mill worker born Ireland
Margaret Finnan age 25 occ mill worker born Ireland
Mary Finnan age 60 wife born Ireland
Patrick Finna head age 55 occ carpenter born Ireland
Ann M Gray grandaughter born Dundee
Rose McAllan age 14 lodger occ mill worker born Edinbro
Colin McAllan age 54 lodger occ capenter born Ireland
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Hi Julie,

Thank you very much, this might be her!! i'm a bit shocked as i have been looking for maria for a long time. I had suspected that her surname was mispelled at some point as her surname written on her marraige cert looks like it is spelled as Deury.

can you check the 1851 census for scotland (Dundee) and see if she appears there?

thanks very much again
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Hello there,

When and where was she married please, also what were the witness' names.

Hi Darkcrystal,

she was married in Dundee in the county of Forfar on 22/11/1861. the witness named for both maria and her husband Owen Keelan, was A McDonald.

It looks like Julie may have found maria for me but any additional information you might have would be appreciated. I have very few relatives left who can give me any help and those that are still alive are very old and sadly thier information is a bit muddled now. I have even been told that maria might be a romany.......who knows but if i can trace her then i can hopefully trace her parents and so on

thanks again
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Looks like Owen Keelan in 1861

Civil parish Dundee
Reg district Dundee first district

203 Hilltown

Bridget Keelan age 46 occ Flax pirn winder born Ireland
Elizabeth Keelan dau age 21 occ sheeting weaver born Ireland
John Keelan son age 15 occ sheeting weaver born Ireland
Mary Keelan dau age 13 occ mill worker born Ireland
Owen Keelan son age 19 occ sheeting weaver born Ireland
Thanks Julie,

Maria is a bit elusive, is'nt she. I managed to get Owen's details from the census in 1861, but i've no idea where maria was in 1861 before she got married. Are you able to provide me with any information on Maria and Owen in the 1871, 81, and 1891 Census' when her married name was Keelan. The 1901 census shows her in Dundee so i assume she was there in 1871 right up to 1901

thanks again for all your help
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

Hi Julie,

yes they did stay in dundee. I have some of the childrens names, they were;

Mary Keelan B 1862
Ann Keelan B 1864
Bridget Keelan B 1865
Betsy Keelan B 1866
Theresa Keelan B 1869
john Keelan B 1871
Peter Keelan B 1874

all were born in dundee

thanks again for your help its much appreciated :)
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury


This looks like them under Kellan. Bridget mother in law surname is Bears and Maria Kellan has had Bears as an alternative name submitted.

Civil parish Dundee
5th Land Grays Square

Bridget Bears mother in law age 56 housekeeper born Ireland
Ann Kellan dau age 7 born Dundee
Betsy dau age 4 born Dundee
John Kellan son age 2 mths born Dundee
Maria Kellan (Bears) wife age 28 born Cavan Ireland
Mary Kellan dau age 3 born Dundee
Owen Kellan head age 29 occ weaver born Cavan Ireland
Teresia Kellan dau age 2 born Dundee
Re: 1841 Cencus look up please - Drury

looks like the same family in 1881 under the name of Keiller

Civil parish Dundee

Ann Keiller dau age 17 born occ millworker Forfarshire Dundee
Elizabeth dau age 14 born occ millworker Forfarshire Dundee
John Keiller son age 10 born Dundee
Joseph Keiller son age 3 born Dundee
Maria wife age 40 born Ireland occ millworker
Mary dau 13 occ millworker born Dundee
Owen Keiller head age 39 occ millworker born Ireland
Owen Keiller son age 8 born Dundee
Peter son age 6 born Dundee