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1841 census lookup please.


would someone please do a 1841 census lookup for me? its for a Thomas Mason, the only details i have is he was probably born about 1805 possiably in Middlesex london and he was a Saddler, he was the father of my great grandfather Henry John Mason born abt 1830 Little Moorfield Middlesex London Parish of st Bartholomew or the Parish of st Stephens, i believe these were both in the Moorfields, I know all this is a bit vague. but i cant find anything definate on great grandad Henry John, he,s a real mystery ,just found out his fathers name from a marriage cert i got recently for him, And also (hopefully) his correct age. thanks inanticipation.Rosa.
This is just a guess
Thomas Mason 55 Horse Dealer (not of this county)
Harriet 40 local
Eliza 25 local
Helen 10 not local
Margaret 14 not local
Emily 13 not local
Henry 10 local
Parish of Hillingdon Goulds Green
There are quite a few Henrys on their own delivery boys servants etc.. but this is the only one I could find with a father called Thomas.

I'm trying to find some information in regards to an Elleanor Holt. More specificly her parents names and ages. She was born in London in 1830 and had a syster Myra born 1831, Phoebe 1833 and brother John born 1837. I think the family home was 2 York Street Hackney Road, London. Any help would be much appreciated. Her fathers name was John and is listed as a jeweler on her marriage certificate.

I'm Also researching a John Frederick Thompson born around 1829 I think in London. His father John is listed as a tailor on his marriage certificate to Eleanor Holt. I'm assuming they will both be in the London area during thge 1841 census. I'd like to know the name and age of John Frederick's parents and if he had any siblings.

Thanks for any help.

Nick Thompson
Haven't got that address for Eleanor and family I've got York Street, Tower Hamlets Shoreditch, St Leonards Parish. Trouble is I can't find any parents. The children are at the top of the the census page but I've tried the browser for just Holt and York Street and nothing has come up. Could be they were with relatives. I'll look up IGI and see if I can get a baptismal records.

Anyway this is what I found
Eleanor 10 born in county
Myra 9 " "
Phoebe 7 " "
Jane 3 " "

Looked up Parish Records all the children were baptised on the same day 22nd March 1840, mother Eleanor. Would suggest their mother was unmarried. St Leonards is also the place for the workhouse.
Not an easy one as John Thompson is nearly as common as John Smith. (I know this well as I've got Thompsons in my family)
John Thompson 12
Father John 50 Tailor
Mother Elisabeth 50
Sister? Emma 6
All born in the county
address 2 White Lion Street, Whitechapel, Artillery, Liberty of Norton Folgate(parish) Tower Hamlets (county Middlesex )
When and where did John and Eleanor marry. I can look up 1861 census to see if I can find them. Of course if they have already moved abroad by then I can't but 1841 census records don't have a lot of details and I don't have access to 1851. Couldn't find any baptism records in Whitechapel.
Thank you so much that has been more than helpful!

I managed to pay a small fee and look up the family in the 1861 Census. They had moved to a work house in Deptford Kent. There was no mention of the father just Eleanor Thompson and her children. one of her children Arthur John born 1856 migrated to Australia in 1876 aboard the Ship Dilharee. He is my great great paternal Grandfather he was a policeman here in Queensland.

If you could look up the family in the 1851 census I would be very grateful also.

Eleanor Holt and John Frederick Thompson were married on the 21st of September 1850 at the Parish Church in the Parish of Kensington in the county of Middlesex.

John Frederick's address was 2 Holland Place. His father is listed as John Thompson and a Tailor. Eleanor Holt is listed as living at 2 York Street Hackney Road, her father's name is listed as John Holt and it says he was a Jeweler

If you could look up the 1851 census I'd be very grateful it would be interesting to see what happened between John Frederick and Eleanor as in the 1861 census it is just her and her children. Their two eldest Eleanor born Hackney, Middlesex 1852 and their next Phoebe born 1853, Cripplegate London were born in London the others including my ancestor were born in the work house.

Thanks again
Regards Nick Thompson