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1851 census - Sub-RD = No. 2


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HO107 Piece 1760 Folio 502 Page 2
Civil Parish: St Edward
County: Cambridgeshire
Registration District: Cambridge
Sub-RD: 2
ED: 10
No of Schedule: 4
Address: 11 Kings Parade
Charles Bays Head Mar 46 Hatter Cambridge
Mary Bays Wife Mar 39 Huntingdon
Alfred Charles Bays son 15 Cambridge
William Bays son 14 Cambridge
Agnes Mary Bays dau 11 Cambridge
Charles Frederick Bays son 9 Cambridge
Edwin Bays son 7 [No birthplace shown]
Page 3
John Bonfy Rooper Bays son 4 Cambridge
Henrietta Bays dau 2 Cambridge
Ellen Bradshaw visitor Unm 42 Huntingdon
Ann Bradshaw visitor Unm 37 Huntingdon
Rebecca Cornwall servant Unm 18 Shelford Cambridgeshire
+ one lodger

The ED title page shows the Sub-RD to be No. 2 so what is that?


Not that Emeltee.

I've looked for a list of Sub-RD numbers but can't find one.

1861 and 1871 the family is at the same address - 11 Kings Parade and
Sub-RD: St Mary the Great

If the Sub-RDs are numbered in sequence then No. 2 = St Andrew The Great which makes no sense if the family didn't move between 1841 and 1871 and the sub-RD boundary probably didn't change for 1851 and then change back.

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South Cambridgeshire Local Plan
Planning Advisory Service Local Plan Legal Compliance Checklist

South Cambridgeshire District Council
March 2014

Looks like it was a local thing to pinpoint a place on maps.

Not that Ellie.

Partial image posted.

The enumerator has written '2' in the box where in 99% of census forms there is a name.

This is a random ref from 1911

RG14PN26343 RG78PN1522 RD495 SD9 ED20 SN17

The Sub-RD have numbers. There should be a list somewhere.

Sub-RD if you put that into a search engine, Cambridgeshire is the only county that comes up.

Edit-I am on FMP and ANC.and not seeing that.:mad:

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Cambridge Registration District (1837-1935)
Sub-districts : Cambridge, St. Andrew the Great, St. Andrew the Less, St. Giles, St. Mary the Great.

I will try to find an example for 1901 and 1911, if I can find a family at the same address, and compare the Sub-RD name in 1901 with the SD number in 1911.

Then see if the sequence in genuki matches.

Ok, I've seen enough 1911 census ref to tell that the SD number does not match the sequence of Sub-RD names in genuki where the names are in alphabetical order.

So, somewhere there is a list of RD numbers and SD numbers.

Another example

Reference RG14PN2463 RG78PN83 RD27 SD2 ED4 SN526
Registration District Camberwell
Registration Sub District Camberwell South

Sub-districts : Camberwell, Camberwell North, Camberwell North West, Camberwell South, Camberwell South East, Dulwich, East Dulwich, North Camberwell, North West Camberwell, Peckham, Peckham North, Peckham South, St. George, St. Giles.

Second one there is Camberwell North. Camberwell South is 4th.

Damn. This is all I can find so far.

Registration Districts of Fulham (3), Winchester (103), Royston (135),
Hatfield (138 ), Dorchester (264), Hereford (337), Wolverhampton (369),
Chester (450), and Helmsley (531),