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1871 census lookup


Can someone please look for the Hustler family on the 1871 census in Whitby, Yorks. There should be Richard and Susannah with two or three children (one was born 1871), plus any other Hustlers any possibly say where they lived. Thanks
Hi Gladys, Richard and Susannah on the 1871 census as follows:-

civil parish Whitby, reg dist Whitby, sub reg dist Whitby

Street address-Henrietta Street

William C. Hustler age 5 son born Whitby
Harriott Hustler age 3 dau. born Whitby
Mathew Hustler age 10mths born Whitby
Richard Hustler head age 26 occ jet worker born Whitby
Susanah Hustler wife age 27 born Whitby
Susanah Hendry mother age 67 born Whitby

Do you have the 1881 census? if not I'll post it on this thread.

Will have a look for some more Hustlers.

Thanks Julie
You don't happen to know the number in Henrietta Street? I have the 1881 census which shows Henrietta Street but no number - I would love to know where they lived as part of it is still there. I don't know why I couldn't find them on the 1871.
Hi Gladys,

Theres no house no. even though the ones following have 2, 3, and the ones on the previous page have no number. I typed Williams name, because Richard and Susanah were coming up return no matches. maybe theres an error in the indexing.

Thanks Julie
I think the enumerators couldn't be bothered with the numbers as they are not on 1871 or 1881 and Henrietta St was fairly long!
If you have a minute there is William and Catherine (Richard's parents) who I couldn't find on the 1871 and wondered where they lived.
Hi Gladys,

Its looks like Ancestry mistranscribed Hustler, found these under Hulton.
The name looks like Hustler on the census page.

civil parish Whitby, reg dist Whitby, sub reg dist, Whutby

10, Church Street

William Hodgson Hulton head age 56 occ rural messenger? born Whitby
Catherine Hodgson age wife 58 born Whitby
Thomas Easton Hulton son age 32 occ labourer
Mary Ann Hulton age daughter 23 occ general domestic servant

Thank you very much Julie, that fills in a few gaps for me - now I know why I could not find them on the 1871. I had some free access in the local library but doing a name search came up with nothing. As you've now pointed out, that was because the name entered was incorrect.
thanks again