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1871 look-up please - Millward

hi can anyone help please!!
i am looking for a william millward born 1869 burslem staffordshire (stoke-upon-trent) all i know about his family is that is father was named edward and his mother may be called mary but that is not 100% ia m trying to find out his parents full names and any siblings he may of had thanks for any help anyone can give me xxx
Re: 1871 look-up please

Hi Joe,

I've had another look, going round the houses a bit. Had a look at Williams miliatry record year of birth varies abt 1866 (according to death cert) and abt 1868. Found this family on the 1881 census William Milward born Burselm abt 1864, occ potter, fathers name Edwin mother Mary it could be that the fathers name was entered incorrectly on his military records do you want the info? Will now look at the 1871 census.

Re: 1871 look-up please

hey julie that would be great thanks,i did find william and annies marriage at nova scotia vital statistics and that was saying his fathers name was edwin but i couldnt understand it,and with the birth year its a bit of a mystery because as you said when he died it would work out he was born 1866,but when they got married it would work out he was born later hard to follow my family again i want you to how much i appreciate what you have done for me xxx
Re: 1871 look-up please

Have not been able to tie William with a Edward and Mary. Looked on the 1871 for Edwin couldnt find him but found a Edward Millward born Cobridge occ plate maker in the civil parish of Knottingly, reg dist Pontefract no Millward family with him. Found others Millwards spelt Milward, Millwood, Milwood.

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Re: 1871 look-up please

thats the only problem julie with the millward,its like on his obit some are spelt with to ll and some with one.I think that is why i have been having so many problems finding others in the family but all my thanks goes to you for trying i cant believe how friendly and helpful your are ;)
Re: 1871 look-up please

i have just recieved your mail,thanks for that i think that has got to be him because of him being a potter which it did say that in his military records plus on his obituary it says he had a brother called alfred living in staffs so thats got to right (i think) and as for the 1871 with edward it says he is a cratemaker which ties in with the 1881 but as for the rest of the family i dont know where they would be.According to his obit he had 2 sisters a mrs beckett and a mrs smith of staffs,so i checked uk bmd for millwards who married either smith or beckett and narrowed it down but the names are not showing on the census do you think there would be a chance they would of been born later or earlier maybe???
hope you dont mind me keep bothering you julie thanks xxx