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1891 Census Look up Please

I am looking for Catherine Hutchinson.Born Abt 1844.Probably Maryport.Cumberland.In 1891 she was probably married to a John Muir.They where probably living in the Workington area of Cumberland.Thank You.Cumbrian
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Hello Cumbrian,

do you have information regarding Catherine and her parents? or is that you are after her and her husband and any possible children?

I have found a possible, that might be her, do you know her parents names, have you a b/cert for her? or even a marriage cert?
darkcrystal thank you.Its Catherine's parents i am trying to find,also where she was in 1891.She had the following children in 1881 to a Joseph Steel.Mary Steel aged 11yrs,Wilson Steel aged 10yrs,Ethelred Steel aged 6yrs,Sarah Steel aged 4yrs and John Steel aged 10 months.In 1881 she was a Widow she married a John Muir in 1882,i hope this helps.Thanks Again.Cumbrian

I am at the moment compiling a post for you, regarding Catherine.

Do you have either of her marriage certificates at all?

I presume the 1st to a Mr.Steele and the 2nd to a Mr. Muir?

Class: RG9; Piece: 3939; Folio: 61; Page: 5
as a servant


Class: HO107; Piece: 2435; Folio: 600; Page: 22;

With parents Michael aged 39 (born 1812) in Maryport, Cumberland. and Mary aged 33 (born 1818 ) in Crosby, Cumberland

Andrew Hutchinson aged 16
Elizabeth Hutchinson aged 8
Martin Hutchinson aged 11 months
Mary J Hutchinson aged 10

Possible birth for Catherine

Jane Catherine Hutchinson.
b.1843 june Q
cumbria, cumberland
volume: 25
page: 161

I will add more info, but at the moment my internet connection isnt that brilliant.


Catherine Steel aged 38 Widow, Charwoman.. born. maryport cumberland
Mary dau aged 11 b.workington
Wilson son aged 10 b.workington
Ethelred son aged 6 b.workington
Sarah Dau aged 4 b.workington
John son aged 10 months b. workington.

Class: RG11; Piece: 5177; Folio: 50; Page: 11;


Catherine Steel age 27
Joseph Steel age 28 occ seaman- born workington
Mary Steel age 2
Mathias Steel age 3
Wilson Steel age 1 month

Class: RG10; Piece: 5243; Folio: 8; Page: 12


STEEL Joseph

1867 sept quarter,

at the moment I cannot see the second marriage.. will have another look in min or two, hope this helps, if you have any queries shout up
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darkcrystal thank you.I don't have any of Catherine's marriage cert's.She was married first to Joseph Steel in 1867 then to John Muir in 1882.I am not sure if the birth of Jane Catherine Hutchinson in 1843 Whitehaven,Cumberland is the correct one.According to the 1881 census she was born in Maryport,Cumberland that would come under the Cockermouth district.The Catherine in the 1881 census is the right Catherine,Mary the dau aged 11yrs is my Grandmother.Thanks Again.Cumbrian
Ah I see,

I suggest that you purchase her marriage certificate to Joseph Steel,

this will give you her fathers name and occupation, and also confirm the 1851 census entry. Witness' would perhaps help.

I will have another look for catherines birth, (though she might not have been registered and just baptised instead) I will have a look also for a bapt, this can be done thro www.familysearch.org or Hugh Wallis' site http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~hughwallis/IGIBatchNumbers.htm

I couldnt find, at the moment another marriage, but it might not be transcribed yet and therefore not searchable on ancestry, (the only other way is to trawl for it)

Do you subscribe to ancestry at all? if not they have a 14 day free trial at the moment



Catharine Hutchinson
march Q 1843
Cumbria, cumberland

If you contact the local register office, perhaps they could tell you if the fathers name was Michael. (this would only help though once you had the marriage cert to confirm it)
darkcrystal thanks again i will send for the marriage cert for Catherine and Joseph Steel.I have been thinking of subscibing to Ancestry i think i will give it a go.Cheers Cumbrian
I have had a sub to ancestry for about 3 years now it is the one thing that I would NOT be without.
I too did ponder for quite a while and didnt think I would subscribe, but IF I hadnt I wouldnt be as far back now, I would still be firmly stuck in 1901.!!!

they are adding more and more info to it and you can access all sorts, BMD index's, census, scottish census transcripts. you can even see WW1 records, and medal cards,

once you get into it, you can get lost for days!! :biggrin: :rolleyes:

Have checked out the 1851 census and Michaels occupation is stated as "Ships Carpenter- Journeyman"

Andrew the son, is also stated as Joiner App (apprentice)

Will check the 1841 now and see what else there is

Class: HO107; Piece 161; Book: 14; Civil Parish: Canonby Cross; County: Cumberland; Enumeration District: 9; Folio: 8; Page: 9; Line: 13;

Michael Hutchinson (mistranscribed as Huchinson) aged 25, Shipwright
Mary Hutchinson aged 25
Andrew Hutchinson aged 6
Mariann Hutchinson aged 1

1861- Class: RG9; Piece: 3939; Folio: 7; Page: 11

Mickel hutchinson age 50 shipwright
Mary hutchinson age 49
Andrew hutchinson age 26
Elizabeth hutchinson age 15
Hannah hutchinson age 6
Martin hutchinson age 11
I had a look on the LDS (mormons) site www.familysearch.org

I found a christening of a

Michael Hutchinson:
19 FEB 1813 Maryport, Cumberland, England

parents- Joseph and Jane Hutchinson.

This is an "extracted" record, which means it has come from the parish records, if you see it is "submitted" then it could be a figment of someones imagination OR the truth OR somewhere inbetween.
darkcrystal sorry i am late in replying,been away for the weekend.Thank you for all this extra info.I am going to send for Catherine Hutchinson and Joseph Steel's marriage cert,so i can get Catherines father right.Thanks again for all your work.Robert
darkcrystal sorry i am late in replying,been away for the weekend.Thank you for all this extra info.I am going to send for Catherine Hutchinson and Joseph Steel's marriage cert,so i can get Catherines father right.Thanks again for all your work.Robert

That's perfectly alright Robert, :)

Hopefully when you get the cert we will have a bit more info to work with :)
darkcrystal could i ask one more thing.Catherine Hutchinson was born 1843.Do you know where she was in the 1851 and 1861 census's.Thank You.Robert

1851- Class: HO107; Piece: 2435; Folio: 600; Page: 22


living on Crosby Street, Maryport, Cumberland.

Andrew hutchinson aged 16. joiner app.
Catherine Hutchinson aged 8
Elizabeth hutchinson age 5
Martin Hutchinson age 11months
Mary Hutchinson age 33
Mary J Hutchinson age 10
Michael Hutchinson age 39 ships carpenter-journeyman

in 1861 she was a servant living/working in maryport.

Ref: Class: RG9; Piece: 3939; Folio: 61; Page: 5


she was a domestic servant to the Wheawell family... living on Church Street.
The Head of the family was a "house carpenter"

hope it helps :)
darkcrystal once again thank you,strange that it was Crosby St Maryport,i had a Auntie lived on the same street .All i have to do now is get the marriage cert.Robert

that is some strange coincidence... I knew abit about my family history and was born locally to where I now live, my maternal grt grandparents lived in the next village to me, and my grand Aunt lived 3 doors from the house I now live in!!

It is a very small world indeed.

might I ask how you will be ordering the cert? if it is online and from the GRO then you will only pay £7. (I know some people that have paid £25 online for the £7 cert, so please dont get caught out)