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1901 census look up please


I would be very grateful if somebody could look up a family in the 1901. They are Charles and Edith Chisnall, born about 1875, and children Florence, Grace, Ernest, Jack and Frank. I have no idea when the children were born and it is possible that they may have been born after 1901. They are a London family.

Thank you.
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Hi Roosh
Based on the names you gave I suspect you're out of luck in terms of the 1901 census
Freebmd http://freebmd.rootsweb.com gives civil registration indexes and I'm *guessing* this is your family seeing as they were all born in the same area at around the right time (no way to prove it without ordering some certificates)

Births Mar 1903
Chisnall Florence Mary Wandsworth 1d 749

Births Dec 1905 (>99%)
Chisnall Charles Alfred F Wandsworth 1d 675

Births Mar 1907 (>99%)
Chisnall Grace Wandsworth 1d 659

Births Mar 1908 (>99%)
Chisnall Ernest Edward Wandsworth 1d 691

Births Sep 1910 (98%)
CHISNALL John Wandsworth 1d 614

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page
Births Dec 1914 (36%)
CHISNALL Frank Hayes Wandsworth 1d 1209

As this Frank's mother's maiden name is Hayes it's likely this would be the marriage of Charles and Edith just after the 1901 census
Marriages Mar 1902 (>99%)
Chisnall Charles Edward Wandsworth 1d 876
Hayes Edith Wandsworth 1d 876

Does this sound right? They'd still be somewhere on the census separately, but if you ordered their marriage certificate for example you'd know their father's names and occupations and be more likely to find the right people!

Hope this was helpful?

Thanks for the infomation, and the time and trouble you have taken to look it up. I have since found out, however, that this family is probably not conected to mine, as I had hoped, as they apparently originated in Suffolk, and not Middlesex. As I have not found any possible links to the Suffolk Chisnall families, I can only assume they are not related.

Thank you