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1911 census requests.


Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I have a question.

If members are willing to search the 1911 census, why is the 1911 census request forum unavailable.

I am embarressed to ask members to search for me (I am really rubbish at the 1911), as I know it costs money over and above the usual costs.
But if someone is willing, then why not.

Is it a copyright infringement.??

Perhaps those that do have access would be inundated with requests.

Any answers please.

FMP is pretty strict - I find if I'm logged in and do so again on my laptop I get restricted access with a message on screen to the effect that only one active session is allowed - presumably to stop a subscription being shared.
I don't mind looking to see if I've stumbled on one of your ancestors whilst searching for my own.............................:)
i will be getting the 1911 on axxxy dont know when as yet .wonder how thats going to work.i would be happy to do some looks ups if i can ,i suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens.for the record when i have used fmp in the past as a pay as you go user, ive always found it a bit awkward to find anything on the 1911 i suspect it will pan out as it becomes more widely available,bit of a pain though.suex
I'm confused.
I look up 1911 on the 1911 website which is free to search for anyone. I have not seen anything which says I cannot look up a person for a friend. I do not get all the info, but by a bit of searching I can usually find the names and ages of a family.
'Edit' - Perhaps I should have read clause 10 of the terms and conditions. I'm sure they really apply to the info which cannot be gained without a subscription
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