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1911 look up please


DENTON, Henry Head Married M 26 1875 Brick Setter Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Jane Wife Married F 30 1871 Toddington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Mark Brother Single M 27 1874 Bricklayer's Labourer Harlington Bedfordshire
BONNINGTON, Joseph Step Son Single M 12 1889 Derby
BONNINGTON, Frank Step Son Single M 9 1892 Derby
DENTON, Henry Son Single M 2 1899 Derby

RG number:RG13 Piece:3214 Folio:145 Page:28

Registration District: Derby
Sub District: Derby
Enumeration District: 15
Ecclesiastical Parish: St Werburgh

Civil Parish: Derby Municipal Borough:
Address: 19, Kensington Street, Derby Derbyshire

note Henry is married and Mark is brother.
I can't see a marriage for Henry


Mark Denton to Jane Bonnington Dec qtr 1897 Derby ref 7b 1126

BONNINGTON, Joseph Head Married M 22 1869 House Painter Derby
BONNINGTON, Jane Wife Married F 22 1869 Toddington Bedfordshire
BONNINGTON, Joseph Son M 2 1889 Derby
BONNINGTON, Mary Daughter F 0 (9M) 1891 Derby

RG number:RG12 Piece:2730 Folio:66 Page:15

Registration District: Derby
Sub District: Derby
Enumeration District: 25
Ecclesiastical Parish: St Barnabas

Civil Parish:St Werburgh
Municipal Borough: Derby
Address:45, Langley Street, St Werburgh, Derby Derbyshire

and even more intrigue


Joseph Bonnington to Jane Denton Dec qtr 1888 Derby ref 7b 813


DENTON, Jane Head Widow F 52 1839 Harlington
DENTON, Solomon Son Single M 21 1870 Railway Labourer Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Mark Son Single M 18 1873 Railway Labourer Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Henry Son Single M 16 1875 Farm Labourer Harlington Bedfordshire

RG number:RG12 Piece:1263 Folio:68 Page:6

Registration District: Woburn
Sub District: Woburn
Enumeration District: 21
Ecclesiastical Parish: Harlington

Civil Parish:Harlington
Address: Hornes End, Upper East End, Harlington Bedfordshire

DENTON, James Head Married M 43 1838 Gen Lab Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Martha Wife Married F 40 1841 Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Jas Son Single M 16 1865 Lab In Brick Yar Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Jane Daughter Single F 13 1868 Scholar Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Elizabeth Daughter Single F 11 1870 Scholar Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Ann Daughter Single F 9 1872 Scholar Harlington Bedfordshire
DENTON, Marie Daughter Single F 6 1875 Scholar Derbyshire
DENTON, Charlotte Daughter Single F 4 1877 Scholar Derbyshire
DENTON, William Son Single M 2 1879 Derbyshire
DENTON, George Son Single M 0 1881 Derbyshire
DENTON, Thomas Brother Single M 46 1835 Gen Lab Harlington Bedfordshire

RG number:RG11 Piece:3398 Folio:22 Page:37

Registration District: Derby
Sub District: Derby

Civil Parish: St Werburgh
Address: 15, Bright St, St Werburgh Derbyshire

Hi I've been trying to prove that Mark 1873, Henry 1875, and Jane 1870 are cousins They are all born in Harlington area of bedfordshire. all dates are +/-5

Mark and Henry have parents Charles 1839 and Jane 1839
Charles has parents Mark 1801 and Sarah 1801

Jane has parents James 1837 and Martha 1841
James is not on 1841 census with Charles, but in 1881 he has a brother Thomas living with him. Thomas parents are Mark and Sarah

So I think Mark and Jane have common grand parents.

The only thing which does not tally is why Jane is down as married to Henry on 1901 census, when she married Mark in 1897, with Mark down as a brother to Henry. I think she should have been down as wife to Mark with Henry as the brother of Mark. This would then make the next census correct, in that Henry was head, single, with Jane as married (to mark) and cousin to Henry

I can send census details if you can't find them yourself with these refs
1891 - Mark RG12-1263-68-6
1881 - Mark Rg11-1639-71-5
1881 - Jane RG11-3398-22-37
1871 Jane RG10-1559-10-12
1861 - Thomas/Charles RG9-1004-73-1
1851 - HO107-1755-274-22
1841 - HO107-5-14/13-21

I think you maybe right with the cencus mix up im looking forward to telling my wife the good news lol i know its not ilegal to marry your cousin so i suppose it was the norm back then.
Mark and Jane married 1887, Henry was born 1889. As I said on my last post I can't find any proof that Jane married Henry and I suspect it is an error on the 1901 census i.e. Mark is the husband and Henry is the brother, not vise versa.

Hi Peter.

That's why Jane is down as a cousin to Henry in 1911.

Jane is wife of Mark. Mark is cousin to Henry. Jane is 'cousin-in-law', if that makes sense.

Can you give us something that's a bit more straightforward next time please.:2fun::2fun:

Hi Peter.

That's why Jane is down as a cousin to Henry in 1911.

Jane is wife of Mark. Mark is cousin to Henry. Jane is 'cousin-in-law', if that makes sense.

Can you give us something that's a bit more straightforward next time please.:2fun::2fun:


Hi Steve, thats the theory, but if you haven't seen 1911, 1901 gives Henry as married head of family Jane as wife and with Mark as a single brother, in that order, so its a bit misleading, apart from the marriage of Mark and Jane in 1897 and lack of marriage between Henry and Jane. Clear as mud, but why did they call their first child Henry, and not Mark!!
Jane Denton and Joseph Bonnington were my great grandparents. When Joseph died she had 3 children Joseph, Frank and Mary, she also had another child William before she married again to her cousin Mark. Mark and Jane had 7 more children. Well I should say Mark, Harry and Jane had 7 more children! Mark and Jane Jane lived with Henry but if you look on the 1911 census Mark isn't there as he disappeared for a while and Jane had more children with Henry/Harry. Mark came back and they all still lived together but Jane and Henry as man and wife and Mark as the lodger! The children were never sure who was whose dad.
Derby Daily Telegraph 19 June 1945
Death Notice - Jane Denton

Derby Daily Telegraph 18 June 1946
In Memoriam - Jane Denton

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