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1911 request

North East England
Hi there,

Anyone with access to 1911 census prepared to do a couple of look ups for me please?

Looking for two entries.

First is for Mary Ann Mitchell (born 1852 in South Shields Co Durham) and husband James Mitchell (born 1852 in South Shields). Probably living in South Shields in 1911 with some or all of the following children - Annie (born 1885), Isabella (born 1888 ), James (born 1890), George (born 1897).

Second is for Elizabeth Bostock (born 1844 in South Shields) and husband George Bostock (born 1841 Northwich Cheshire) probably living in Tottenham with some or all of the following children - Elsie (born 1889), Mary (born 1886), Mabel (born 1884), Ethel (born 1882), Frank (born 1879). I think there were 12 children in total.

Any information would be great.

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