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1913 Electoral Roll - HARVEY


Something is wrong somewhere.

Do I have 2x Mary Hetherington? One Mary and one Mary Ann ??

My tree is so interconnected.
Wrong one Geoff.

I have it hiding in my tree. Sponsor is brother-in-law.

Deposit Journal:
Mary Hetherington
Birth Year: abt 1853 Tyrone, Ireland
Immigration Date: 6 Dec 1878
Ship: 'Hereford'
Sponsor Name: John Mcdonald. Deposit Date: 8 Dec 1877
[With a John Hetherington, 22. Both farm servants. Ed Stewart = referee]
So the 1867 marriage must be wrong also..

No Geoff.

2x Mary

Marriage 2232/1867 HARVEY CHARLES - HETHERINGTON MARY A - KIAMA * 3 Jan 1867

Death 9865/1933 HARVEY MARY A - JOHN MARY - MANLY * 25 Mar 1933 * age 87 - no pob

Marriage 3683/1880 HARVEY GEORGE - HETHERINGTON MARY - KIAMA * 16 Jan 1880

Death 4088/1923 HARVEY MARY - JOHN SARAH - BYRON BAY * 4 Mar 1923 * age 68 * born Ireland
Death 7639/1893 HARVEY GEORGE - URIAH SOPHIA - KIAMA * 29 Apr 1893

Death 3666/1930 HARVEY CHARLES - URIAH SOPHIA - MANLY * 13 Mar 1930

Brothers both married a Mary Hetherington.
Mary Ann Hetherington
Age: 20
Arrival Date: 24 Aug 1863
Vessel Name: Spitfire
Origin Location: Derby, Derbyshire
[Looks to be with an Ann [28]]

Can't read most of the image, this is a partial copy for ID purposes.

View attachment 4718


Very hard to read but I don't see 'Derby, Derbyshire' but I can just read Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh.

Don't think Mary has the same parents as Ann.
Ann - Brother & sister Thos. ? & Mary
Mary Ann - Sister

As I can read it Ann and Mary Ann do not have same parents and list of relatives in colony not the same so they are not sisters.
This is another record of the Spitfire arrival..
Mary Heatherington
Age: 20Arrival Date: 24 Aug 1863
Vessel Name: Spitfire
Origin Location: Kilbeggan, County Westmeath, Ireland

This is a partial copy of the image..


So we have brothers who married a Mary Hetherington, both from Ireland.

Next time at the State Library I'll try to get a better image.

Death 9865/1933 HARVEY MARY A - JOHN MARY - MANLY * 25 Mar

I think parents on image for Ann are Noble & Jane and for Mary Ann are Jas & Mary.

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3x Hetherington married in Kiama.
New month and I've just moved on to 'R' in my tree so will give this one a rest until I can check the image from library.

Only in the middle of this topic did I become aware I had brothers who married a Mary Hetherington and both in my tree by connection to different families.

Arrived 24 Aug 1863 - Reel 2481
Ann 28 Irvinestown Co Fermanagh Noble and Jane Mother dead Father on Board ChofE Read Brother and Sister Thos & Mary Heatherington Good None £3 R R Mary Heatherington Gerringong Kiama
Mary Ann 20 Irvinestown Co Fermanagh Jas & Mary Ann ChofE Both Sister Good None £3 do

HEATHERINGTON Ann & Mary Ann 'Spitfire'-1863.png