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1913 Electoral Roll - NAPIER & NEWMAN

Not sure why they should travel apart? Unless visits, holidays etc

Fremantle, Western Australia, Passenger Lists, 1897-1963:
Mr Charles Edwin Newman
Departure Place: London, United Kingdom
Arrival Date: 22 May 1934
Arrival Place: Fremantle, Western Australia
Vessel: Comorin
[Port of embarkation = Bombay. Destination address = Riversdale, Burradoo, NSW]

Also this..

Captain Charles Newman
Departure Place: London
Arrival Date: 17 Nov 1936
Arrival Place: Fremantle, Western Australia
Vessel: Strathaird
[With Kate only. Embarked Bombay. Destination address = Mount Gladstone, Bowral, NSW]

1937 Bowral is the earliest I've found.
This is just a year earlier, but Kate is on her own..

NSW E/R 1936
Kate Agnes Margaret Newman
Subdistrict: Bowral
District: Eden Monaro
[Riversdale, Burradoo]


EDIT: Also just found her at that address in 1934. So Richard must have been b. after Oct 1933, see post #19.
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Thanks Geoff.

Nothing seems to work right.

Three days after I moved I updated my address on MyGov the site that covers tax office and social security/pensions etc.

Then I got a new gas and electricity supplier at new address and gave them my pension number on-line.
Now I have received letters saying no pensioner rebate can be applied because my number does not match the address on the card.

Now I'll have to go in person and get in a long queue at the service centre that deals with pensions etc.

Yeah, sounds about right [bureaucracy], they probably can't take the trouble to update addresses etc., I don't do/like waiting in long queues :mad:

Would they suggest an alternative if you were ill? :D

I will go in person early this morning and sort it out. Don't know where the error is. Might have been my typo in entering details.
Or an error by energy supplier or by ...

Might be possible to do over the phone but I have no phone. In dispute with my ISP so I'm going to complain to TIO.