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1914 in India - Queen's Regiment


What's the best way of finding out the military records for someone?
I have found in my old family photos several photos which were obviously taken in India, around 1914 and include the lamb symbol and the phrase 'Queen's' - and I think I recognise one of the soldiers in the photos to be my great grandfather Tom Kemp b1889. I only knew he was in the TA in WW2 and hadn't really ever thought about what he might have done in WW1 as he obviously survived and didn't seem to have been injured and no stories were ever passed down about it - unlike about WW2.
So am not sure how to go about finding out either info solely about the Queen's or trying to find his full military record?
HI,,Can you upload one of the photos which best shows any identifying insignia,,,such as cap or collar badges ? and,,what was his full name and where was he born ? :)
most probably he was in the Queen’s Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

The Queen's was sometimes known as the Mutton Lancers, after their "Lamb and Flag" cap badge.
lots of medal cards for T. Kemp

heres one result


Medal card of Kemp, Tom


Regiment No


The Queen's Regiment T/1693 Serjeant
The Queen's Regiment T/200336 Warrant Officer Class 2
Yes that's the logo! That's probably him - as he was Tom not Thomas, which seemed to be less common ? Have attached a few pics I just took of a few with my phone so hopefully they work!! Assuming it works - the photo of the men dressed up for an entertainment have the lamb behind them and - although you probably can't make it out it does say Queen's underneath!


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Queens regiment WW1

The Territorial Force Battalions also contributed greatly to the war effort. Among the several battalions of the Queen’s were the 1/4th and 1/5th of the Home Counties Division, which was sent to India and the 2/4th, which as part of the 53rd Division, fought at Gallipoli and Gaza and reached Jerusalem in 1917. This battalion then moved to France to fight on the Marne and join in the final offensive. The 3/4th went to France in 1917 and in its first engagement lost nearly half its strength. The 1/5th went from India to Mesopotamia and the 6th went to France in 1915 and fought at Loos, the Somme, Arras and Cambrai.
Thank you for all that information - what a shame about his records! It seems from that last piece of information, that he was fairly lucky to have been in India compared to those in France? Though that may be a naïve assessment, as from a bit more googling a lot of soldiers died from heatstroke, malaria and so on. I have now downloaded his medal card to add to my files! :)