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1921 Help - Vanishing Family Member


I am having a bit of a "brain fart" ref one of my relatives and it would be good to know that I am not losing my mind...

Can anyone help me locate Florence Annie Aubrey on the 1921 census please ? I will happily send the £3.50 via PayPal so no one is out of pocket.

She is my material great grandmother and I have got her on the 1911 Census, she died in 1950, the address on 79 Cowley Road (Birmingham) is reoccurring and her husband was Samuel E Bates.

Florence was married in Nov 1921 so after the census was taken but I just cannot find her.

Father was John Aubrey

Can anyone offer some help please?


A cursory search for Florence/Flo,(with no surname) and y.o.b. and place, brought up these 3 results. They may, or not be her. Will need to pay to find out.

Transcription errors are always a problem.

Florence Ashby.1893. Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence Annie Allbut. 1891. Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence A Allcutt. 1893.Birmingham, Warwickshire, England