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1939-45 War Medal


New member
Staffordshire, England
Hi all, So im just looking for a bit of advice really as i know quite a lot already
I'm doing some research for my mum in regards to her Father and trying to find any records on him.
I know his Full Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death and Age at the time.
And 90% sure i know his parents names. I know my mum has already been in touch with the Army Medal office previously and managed to obtain a general service medal that he was awarded (which they referred to as the 1939-45 War Medal) and i know he was in Palestine.
However when i have looked through the National archives there i one person that has the same exact details as my Grandad, except the service number.
If i do a search with my grandads number nothing comes back.
Is there anything else i can do or check as i would like to see if there is any other information held about him, as my mum new very little details when applying for his medal so they would not disclose any records. I will attach some pictures of what she received and pictures of him.
Thank very much everyone


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