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1939 register and dates of birth!


dovercourt but born Enfield
Up to now I have always found the DOB on the 1939 register to be very accurate BUT today I have one where the year is 5 years off :mad:.

This explains why I could never find it as I was putting the correct year in :rolleyes:

Thinking on this I suppose it would depend just who filled in the information - so in future I will take the DOB with a pinch (large) of salt :)

Often I have found the day and month right but the year is a year or 2 out in about 20% of my ancestors cases.

People call it a 1939 census but it was not really a census.
I've had a couple where not only did they garble the surname, they got the street name wrong as well. Good job I knew who my grandparents were and where they lived.