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1st Baron Lord Joshua Huntingfield

Burpengary, Brisbane Queensland Australia
The person above was apparently was the owner of my ancestor Henry Norbrook.

It's puts a bad taste in my mouth to think one person can own another as property.

I guess now that i have my answer to why i had olive skin i can move on.

The Joass family Descendants of Henry came to Australia in two different ships with all their family's,possibly to escape racist taunts in England and that's why all the family's came,so that they could avoid these taunts.

When they got here it's obvious they passed themselves of as Spanish, so that the same thing did not happen here,trouble is they let their future generations believe this made up story as well.

I have always been led to believe that why i had light olive skin was because of Spanish ancestry,however this myth has now been exploded,i have managed to get to the bottom of the truth.

I do feel let down that i had been lied to by my family members,but i guess in the beginning of all the family's coming to Australia, this story was made up of being Spanish, and they also allowed their following generations to believe it as well to the point it became entrenched in family folklore.


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