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2 Years of waiting


And finally my pineapple plants have fruit :biggrin:

Very proud of my pineapples, could have gotten them from around the shop a lot quicker tho :2fun::2fun:

Another few months and will be ready to eat. Heres one of them.
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Only two years. :)

I've waited five years for my callistemon to get it's first brushes and they are only about one quarter full size.
It should look like this but the brushes are one quarter the size.
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The pink one is called 'All Aglow' not so common and does not flower as easily as most. It's 2m high now.

I have a red one 'Captain Cook' that is 18 months old and only 0.5m high and the brushes are full size.
Not on mine yet.

There is a huge bottlebrush next door with yellow brushes and it gets lots of birds.
Ok the first pineapple has been picked today. Cutting it at mum's tomorrow for sweets after lunch. If its not ready then will have to get something out of the freezer for desert :biggrin:
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Two years is not so bad. :biggrin:

I might try growing a pineapple in Sydney. The weather is crazy enough. I have an azalea in flower now a full three months before the usual time.
Two years not bad, will be worse if it tastes like crap :rolleyes:
I guess nothing some sugar wont fix :2fun::2fun:

Did your azalea flower early cause of the weather?
I've not found a way yet to force azaleas to flower in a particular month. It's the only one near the back door so it gets the very early morning sun and then no sun.

Some flower March and September and others only in September. But last year and the year before it flowered in March and September.

Will be interesting to see what this one does throughout the year.

It called Helmut Vogel - a very nice shade of red.
I googled Helmut Vogel and got ...

Helmut Vogel - Department of Physics - Carnegie Mellon University :2fun::2fun:

But got the plant up, it is quiet nice.
I'll have to count how many azaleas are in the garden. I've added a lot over the past 6 years.
Leave it until it gets a bit softer at the bottom......but not too soft though.:) It gets sweeter the more you leave it, but left too long it goes to mush.:eek:

Like a Melon really, to gauge how ripe it is. Either way, it will taste yummeeeeeeeeee.!!

Nice one Gibbo, can I put my order in for two years time......I am a patient bloke.:2fun::2fun: