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28th September 1853

Hello everybody

Just found this site, I am researching a maritime disaster that happened on this date in 1853. Its throwing up a lot of puzzles. Today is the anniversary of the disaster.
I need to find out if the crew list exists , I can't go to the national archives so the only option seems to be paying a researcher at the national archives or joining yet another of the paid for sites, I have already had to join three. Wondering if anybody can look it up for me. Once I find it exists I am quite happy to pay to see it. Ship was the Annie Jane she left Liverpool initially on the 24th of August 1853 the details are here. http://www.anniejane.net/

I am puzzled by one of the Stewards at the inquest describing the crew he says there were four carpenters James Boyd, Belfast (without wages) James Marshall, Sunderland (without wages) Uhalt Gagon, Canada (without wages) and Edward Durrant, Canada (without wages) WHY!! would people work and spend a month on a ship without wages???
Anybody know what does that mean?

Thanks for reading


Loyal Member
north ayrshire
The Times
Fri, 14 Oct 1853
The following is a list of the persons saved from the ship
Annie Jane, passengers and ship's company included:-

SAVED FROM the 1ST CABIN (8 persons)
Captain Mason
Francis Goold, surgeon
Lammert Van Buren
Jane Francois Cornu
Marc Ami
John Morgan
Wm. Anfield, steward
James Tailor, 2d steward

Cath. Stanley
Bridget Sullivan
William Kelly
Mary Kelly
Amelia Kelly
Thomas McCarthy
John O'Brien
Julia McCarthy and child
Mary Sheridan
James Grogan
John Kingston
Mary Clifford
John Clifford
Alex. Walker
Thomas Kavanagh
James Kelly
Martha Marrah
Mary J. Getty
Cath. Burt
Mary J. Crothens
Jane Farrell
Thomas Hawkins
Edward Donnelly
Rosina Nohen
Frederick Nohen
Patrick Kelly
Ellen Kelly
Timothy Donovan
Patrick Donnell
George Kingston
Patrick Shea
Alex. Allen
Matthew Toomey
George Lennox
Timothy Rogers
John Rogers
James Rogers
John Brooks
Abraham Brooks
Charles Smith
Donnell Frazer
William Frazer
John Parry
David Caullen
Corney Mahony
John Townsley
James Admonson
William Reynolds
Robert Walter
Edward Shanehan
Alexander McCormic
Walter Fannier
Matthew Hayes
John Macnamara
Agnes Mattison
William Shack
Rachel Barry
Margaret McCauley
Martin Donough.

CREW (33 sailors)
Tom Markham, 2d mate
William Lewis
William Moore
Tom Mason
Charles Lea
Tom Tillister
William Lancaster
Tom Nalcrow
Richard Stephens
Charles Burnock
James Sword
Christopher Kelly
Francis Welch
James Wood
Matthew Irwin
James Marshall
John Hutchinson
John Jackson
Charles Garret
James Allen
Edward Roberts
Charles Brown
Anthony Lizzard
Theordore Sherrett
Odu Simiez
Tom Berniez
Joe Dean
Joseph Miller
Archy Jameson
Edward Duray
Tom Gilbraith
James Boyd.

Total 102


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Thanks for the answers everybody I have every newspaper article that ever was on the Annie Jane including across the pond in Quebec I have most of them as well. Thanks for asking though.
Where I am struggling is locating the origins of the people who were involved in the disaster. The gentry have been easy but the poor Irish folk have been impossible to locate.
It's the small details of everyday life the things people took for granted and never wrote about that are hard to find.
I have made an up to date list of survivors on the web site with their origins and their ages when I can find that out.

Thanks again for your interest

Regards Allan
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