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2x Samuel CROW


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Marriages Mar Qtr 1845 Huntingdon 14 221
CROW Samuel & SCUFFHAM Elizabeth

RG10 Piece 1525 Folio 44 Page 2
Civil Parish: Alconbury
County: Huntingdonshire
Registration District:
Sub-RD: Spaldwick
ED: 4
No of Schedule: 9
Address: 9 Bell Lane
Samuel Crow Head Mar 46 Ag Lab Alconbury
Elizabeth Crow Wife Mar 49 Alconbury
Samuel Crow Son 13 Ag Lab Alconbury
Sophia Crow Dau 10 Scholar Alconbury

How is this one connected and when did he arrive?


The Sydney Morning Herald - Sat 4 Sep 1880 p.1
CROW.-August 20, at his residence, Chamber-street, Glebe, Samuel Crow, late of Huntingdonshire, England, after a long and painful illness, aged 68 years. Home papers please copy.


This fits.

Assisted to NSW
CROW Samuel 40 'Wilson Kennedy' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle and family Reel 2136, [4/4790]; Reel 2463, [4/4927]

CROW Frances 40 'Wilson Kennedy' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle and family

plus 6 children including Hephzibah and Thirzah. 1 bv and 2 dv.

Image of reel 2463 will have to wait until I can visit the State Library.

CROW Samuel 40 and family
CROW Frances 40
CROW Mary 18 Died on voyage (dv)
CROW Hephzibah 16
CROW Sarah 13
CROW George 10
CROW Thirzah 8
CROW Rebecca 2 Died on voyage (dv)
CROW John S inft Born on voyage (bv)
There is this Census entry in 1881
Rollings Yard, bell Lane, Alconbury
Samuel Crow 56 Carpenters Labourer, Stapeloe, Bedfordshire
Elizabeth Crow wife 59 Alconbury

In the 1851 Census Elizabeth's mother Sophia Scuffham is living with them and in every Census they are living in Bell Lane, it's only the 1871 Census which gives pob as Alconbury, all the others state Staplow, Beds.


Samuel Crow Mar 1889 Huntingdon 3b 159 aged 64

Thanks Emeltee.

I'm trying to connect the Samuel born abt 1812 who arrived in 1852 with the younger Samuel and family.

Can't see a baptism for the Samuel born abt 1824 in either county.

GRO Reference: 1851 M Quarter in WEST LONDON Volume 02 Page 273

Probably not the right one.

Can't see Thirza in GRO.

Samuel Crow
Spouse's Name Frances Dennis
Event Date 24 Oct 1831
Event Place Eaton Socon, Bedford
Batch: M035632

Thirza Crow
Gender Female
Christening Date 5 Jan 1845
Christening Place Hail-Weston, Huntingdon
Father's Name Samuel Crow
Mother's Name Frances
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24 October 1831 Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire Samuel Crow and Frances Dennis

Parents Samuel Crow and Frances
Mary 2 November 1834 Eaton Socon
Hepzibah 19 February 1837 Hail Weston
Sarah 19 January 1840 Hail Weston
George Dennis 17 July 1842 Hail Weston
Thirza 5 January 1845

Census 1841
Hail Weston, St Neots Huntingdonshire
Samuel Crow 25
Frances Crow 25
Mary Crow 5
Hepzibah Crow 4
Sarah Crow 3

Census 1851
Pasture Farm, Hail Weston, St Neots
Samuel Crow 38 Ag Lab Eaton Socon
Fanny 38 wife Hail Weston
Hepzibah dau 14 Hail Weston
George Dennis son 8 Hail Weston
Thirza dau 6 Hail Weston
Rebecca dau 0 Hail Weston

Thanks Emeltee.

We may be stuck if no baptism can be found for the Samuel born abt 1824.


Frances Dennis 18 August 1816 Hail Weston age 4 years, parents James Dennis and Sarah

The only baptism I can find so far for a Samuel Crow in Eaton Socon is the one for the Samuel Crow born 1826 who married Elizabeth Scuffham.

Thanks Emeltee.

That's the baptism I'm after but I can't find it on FS or FreeREG ??

I can only find two baptisms in Eaton Socon, both of which are on FreeReg

Samuel Crowe bapt. 23 April 1826 Staplow in Eaton Socon. Parents James, a Labourer and Ann

This is the Samuel I found in the 1881 Census.

The other baptism is

Samuel Crowe bapt. 27 February 1831 Dulow in Eaton Socon. Parents William, a Labourer and Ann

Thanks Emeltee.

One of the marriages in NSW had the name as Grow so I tried it but not Crowe.

Alconbury is a lot further north so odd one out in one census.

One large family arrived 1852 and then later just a single female from the other family.

Rebecca c. 9 Apr 1854 Alconbury-cum-Weston, Huntingdonshire
Samuel CROW & Elizabeth

Rebecca K Crow Arrival: 22 Apr 1875, Queensland Ship: 'Winefred'
Page Number: 903 QSA Item: 18477 Microfilm: Z1958 Microfilm 2: M1698

If it had been an assisted to NSW then possibly a ref to any relatives already in colony but no such info on the list to Qld.

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James Crow
Spouse's Name Ann Pepperday
Event Date 31 May 1821
Event Place Eaton Socon, Bedford
Thanks Geoff.

The marriage in NSW is actually GROWE not Grow so I really missed searching for Crowe.

We may not be able to find the connection between the 2x Samuel.

We have Richard and James for the fathers.

Richard for the one born 1812 and James for the one born 1826.

Nothing that fits.

James Crow
christening: 16 August 1674 EATON SOCON, BEDFORD
father: Richardi Crow

James Crow
christening: 27 November 1730 EATON SOCON, BEDFORD
father: Richard Crow

We could move on. :biggrin:

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I've finally been able to visit the State Library and now have the images.

Assisted to NSW
CROW Samuel 40 'Wilson Kennedy' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle and family Reel 2136, [4/4790]; Reel 2463, [4/4927]
CROW Frances 40 'Wilson Kennedy' 1852 Sydney and/or Newcastle and family

Arrived 27 Dec 1852 - Reel 2463
Samuel 40 Ploughman Eaton Socon Bedfordshire England Richard & Mary Mother dead father living at Eaton Socon Baptist Both None Good None Paid £6 for self and family by his employer Capt. Reynolds
Frances 40 - Haleweston Huntingdonshire England James & Sarah Father dead Mother living at Haleweston Baptist Read None Good None
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