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3 FLOOD sisters


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FLOOD Emma 20 'Plantagenet' 1857 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reel 2138, [4/4793]; Reel 2476, [4/4971]

Arrived 13 Feb 1857 - Reel 2476
Emma 20 Genl. Servant Dublin John & Anne both dead CofE Both Sister Victoria living in Sydney Good None Paid 10/-


Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW) - Thu 2 Jan 1919 p.2
Mrs. Emmeline Jones, widow of the late Mr. Wm. Jones, Victoria House, Goulburn, died this (Thursday) morning after a lengthy illness. Mrs. Jones, who was born in Dublin in 1837, ...

I knew of two but the third one is new.

YOUNG * 29 Dec 1869

Death 39/1918 BENNETT ANNE J (FLOOD) 77 YRS SYDNEY SYDNEY * 9 Jan 1918

Glen Innes Examiner (NSW) - Mon 21 Jan 1918 p.6
Death of an Old Colonist.
The late Mrs. Josephine Bennett, who died recently at a private hospital, Potts Point (Sydney), was the widow of Mr. Benjamin John Bennett, for many years proprietor of the Burrangong "Argus." The remains were interred at Young, beside those of her husband. Mrs. Bennett was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1840, and came to Australia to join her sister, Mrs. Jones, of Goulburn, in 1862. She was the granddaughter of Henry Flood, one of the leading members of the Irish House of Parliament. Her father was Chief Clerk at the Court of Chancery, Four Courts, Dublin, her uncle being Colonel Hatton Flood. Her brother was an officer in the 18th Royal Irish, and saw service in the Sikh War of 1849 and the Kaffir War of 1852. Deceased leaves three sons, three daughters, and ten grandchildren.

Assisted to NSW
FLOOD Anne 22 'Annie Wilson' 1862 Sydney Reel 2139, [4/4796]

No second shipping reel with names of parents and details of where they were living if still alive.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Fri 28 Jan 1870 p.8
BENNETT - FLOOD.-December 29th, 1869, at the Memorial Church of St. John, Young, by the Rev. W. H. Pownall, Benjamin J. Bennett, of Young, to Anne Josephine, sixth daughter of the late Mr. John Flood, of the Four Courts, Dublin.

That's CofE. The RC Church in Young is St Mary's.
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John Flood had died by 1870.

John Flood
Event Type Death
Event Date 1865
Event Place Dublin North, Ireland
Registration Quarter and Year 1865
Registration District Dublin North
Age 40
Birth Year (Estimated) 1825
Volume Number 17

Not that one.

John & Anne both dead
as of 1857.
Thanks Ellie.

I'm up to three now but don't know if any other sisters arrived in NSW.

Francis Lewis Flood 1826
Amelia Flood 1828
John Goodisson Flood 1829
Elizabeth Sophia Flood 1832
Emma Flood 1836 (third daughter)(born 16 Feb 1836)
Victoria Flood 1837 (born 22 Aug 1837)
Anne Josephine (sixth daughter) should be abt 1840 from obit.
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Area - DUBLIN (COI) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. AUDOEN ???
Baptism of EMMA FLOOD of N/R on 11 September 1836

Monumental Inscriptions of Goulburn: Goulburn General Cemetery
William JONES, born Lancashire, England, 16 Sep 1836, died at Victoria House, Goulburn, 13 Aug 1914; also Emmeline, his wife, born Dublin, Ireland, 16 Feb 1837, died at Cooralynn, Goulburn, 2 Jan 1919.
Date of Birth 22 August 1837
Address N/R
Mother ANNE
Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename
N/R 1 N/R DU-CI-BA-33648 d-116-1-4-001

Area - DUBLIN (COI) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. AUDOEN
Baptism of VICTORIA FLOOD of N/R on 24 September 1837

5th daughter ?

6th Anne Josephine ?

Looks like there are only RC Baptism records for Dublin for 1838 - 1841.
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