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a challenge

Hi guys heres a challenge for all you hardened geneologists out there, if you find what i need there are no rewards apart from my undying gratitude grovel grovel creep creep,yeah im stuck haha.here goes;
nor/nora/noah who knows webb born castleford/yorkshire or staffordshire in about 1878/9 . father george webb mother jane no maiden name waiting for the certif.is on the 1881 as nor webb living in cowpen quay tynemouth,also same for the 1891,by the 1901 he/she is listed as living 24 wood street hartlepool age 23 with a henry and mary scott but is listed as noah wright, it is the correct family have checked parents siblings the same ect ect.by 1911 why the name change i dont know,as by 1911 the family are living in 17 mozart street hartlepool under webb again, but his father george dies in 1907.i have checked marriages and deaths and trawled the parish records here and no luck.
Also looking for his sister rose elizabeth born 1873 according to census litchfeild and also hednesford.same parents as nor? she is on the 1881 same as nor and the 1891 but gone after that never been able to find her. Have done all i can to find them but nothing, any ideas would be much appreciated thanks suex
Hi Sue,

On FreeBMD, there is a marriage of Rose Elizabeth Webb in Warwick in the June quarter of 1891, vol 6d page 799. The possible spouses are Ernest Edward Hall and James Beilby. There are also five other Rose Elizabeth Webb marriages between 1893 and 1910, in various locations. Additionally, there are dozens of Rose Webb marriages!

So not a very promising start to finding out what happened to Rose!

Maybe a search of the 1901 census, using the criteria "Rose", birth date +/- 2 years, and place of birth Lichfield might reveal something! (Or it might not if the search is taking too long!)

I'll have a try in a mo!

Back again! There are 6 results for born Lichfield and 24 for born Stafford (which is stated as the birthplace by FMP on the 1881 census).

Sorry, not much help!

Must go and pack, now! Going to Oz on Monday!

thanks josie already had tried the 1901 for rose but no good,was hoping to find some christening records for them both but no go for any of the kids apart from ellen who was born here in hartlepool am hoping ellens birth certificate will help me get her mother at least and get me kick started again.am completely at a dead end with this lot. i live 10 mins away from an l.d.s history centre, but its only open a few hours a week so am going to ring them tommorow see if they have anything.nor noah nora? he was 23 in 1901 and listed as a shipyard worker but nothing afterwards and i have spent hours trying every possibility i can think of and nothing,.on a lighter note have a brill time in oz ,but spare a thought for us here freezing in the snow its baltic here, my gardens frozen solid haha suexx