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A Few More


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swindon wilts
Will post on another thread as it gets a bit much keep scrolling on the older ones...hope that is OK(Mods)

First two are of Corfe Castle near Swanage....not great photos and the Castle ruins looking down on the small village of Corfe(named after the River Corfe)
As you can see i had pulled over to allow the rather large green lorry heading towards my lorry...gets a bit tight.

The house below is a lovely Victorian house near to Jewsons in Swanage,i have always liked it.

The next three are not on my travels but from Lydiard House near Swindon...two of the gorgeous garden at the mansion

The picture below is of the old Ice House...where the people of past years stored there game and other perishable foods...there are very few of this quality left in this condition anywhere.

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