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A little gem


Valued Member
I found this letter I had written, obviously as a school assignment around the age of 12. I was so thrilled as I had forgotten some of these details about my Gt Grandfather.

I'm posting it as a reminder of how important even the most obscure details of a relative's life are once you begin FH research. My Mother had passed this onto the Aunt who looked after my Gt Grandfather and she had bothered to keep it and someone else had bothered to pass it on after her death. Thank goodness for people like this - sadly I'm a thrower outer of all clutter and this is a reminder not to do that anymore. The photos I have (which are few) of me with my Gt Grandparent (sadly only one of with each when I was about 1) are also so special to me now. Why do we not take more photos of our elderly relatives with our children and grandchildren? I have made a pact with myself to ensure that mine have their photo taken at any time they are together with their Gt Grandparents (sometimes none of them want to, but even that's a great story for later in life). I've also decided to write down a lot more of the incidental things that happen and archive them for the little one's to find down the track.

I thought that this might just spur some of you to do this - although you may be good at it already. I definitely was not!



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