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A Nervous Wreck.


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Well people after a trek to Standstead today that entailed parking on our great M25 for a few hours i bounced off down to Chavsville...it used to be called Chelmsford..along Wharf Road i walked to the records office with a bounce in my step....Wharf road was quality,its still what it says on the tin.....a Wharfy road,with some old Wharf buildings and run down old buildings that stank to old heaven of history...i breathed it in..Luverly.
Anyway i arrived late so only had an hour...i came out a blubbering wreck,winking nervously at strangers and a strange grin that had the records office staff avoiding me like the plague.....microfilm,manuscripts and lots of irratating people that knew what they were doin...the swines.
As i left the bespectacled library woman says to me can i help you...i thaught blimey love it closes in five mins couldnt you have said that when i came in!!
To all you peeps who have got it down to a fine art i salute you....my nan on my mums side was a Halke...as i left feeling abit green i sensed it should of been Hulk!!!!