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A New Branch To My Tree

Hi all :)
I just thought I would share my good news with you all and tell you about the Latest addition to my tree,
My youngest daughter has just given birth to a baby girl
at 8-10 pm this evening 18th August 2008, weight 6lbs 10oz and her name is Roslynn Patricia. I am over the moon even though this makes 4 grandaughters so I am outnumbered with women:2fun:
couldn't think of any better friends to share in my good news with. Going to celebrate now :D
Best Regards Sterico O0
Hiya Sterico

Congrats on your baby grand daughter......what a lovely piece of news........i had some brilliant news myself this evening......I found a relative ( g.g. grandson of Olderthen Barham, in Ontario Canada. Olderthen is my g.g.g. grandfather)....im off on holiday on Wednesday but will be online from time to time......good ol' internet cafe's!.........as soon as you get the chance check your Brook/s line.....as the news I have tonight may also include you so you would have 2 additions to your family tree if any of it is a match happy celebrating Sterico....thats my night made twice over :)

Congratulations Sterico,
what a lovely pair of names Rosslyn Patricia to adorn your tree, hope mother and child are both fine. I'm sure the celebrations went on into the small hours, and with four women now to bend your ears, who can blame you. lol
Best wishes to all mate, will contact you direct on yahoo for more details,
OOH HOW WONDERFUL..congratulations my new great grand daughter is due soon too ..looks likes its girls turn ..once congrats enjoy her company thru out ..as they grow they are a real jou..cheers mate Lynne:kissu:
Hi Sterico,
Congratulations on becoming a Grandfather again. :)
You can now pass your knowledge to the next generation & support them all you can. It is good to see good news for a change.
All the best to Mum & baby. welcome
:) My grandson said grammy right now i'd only call her a twig,the branch will come later..he he he ..
And now on the other side it looks as though another twig is forming..so i guess its all joy ..congrats again ..cheers mate Lynne
Many thanks for all your kind wishes and congratulations, mother and baby send their thanks to you all also.
Both mother and baby are doing well and I have a new job winding roslynn and changing the nappies lol (and I love it )
thanks again for your your kind comments.
Best regards StericoO0
Congratulations to both Sterico and Lynne.:)

Absolutely great news and happy that Mum and baby are doing well.

All the very best to you both and to your families,

(P.S. Sorry I did not post earlier - been away for a few weeks)