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a new link from forces reunited

Colne Lancs
Hello everyone,
Forces reunited have just launced a new site that may be of interest to those searching for anything regarding the forces, both units and personel.
www.military-geneology.org.uk. Sorry I dont know how to create the link thingy (ludditte) but thats the address. Hope its useful to someone.
best wishes
I am sure you are right Dave, but just copied it as it was sent to me, perhaps the best thing is to try both if one doesnt work lol. I'm told it is a useful and well prepared site, so I hope it is of use and perhaps someone currently researching in this field could give us some feedback
Hi Pat, thanks for the information about the website. I have found it and I'm hoping it is really going to help me get over a brick wall I seemed to have hit. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again Pat