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A poem for Genealogists.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
We look for rellies high and low,
and left and right as well.
We look for graves and certs and things,
and papers that could tell.

We also look in cyberspace,
and libraries visited too.
And when all else fails we turn to friends,
but most don't have a clue.

We keep on looking, they don't hear our shouts,
of frustration and heaven sent call
It's not a fence we have to jump,
but forty foot high brickwall.

And so we battle on for the truth,
whatever it may be.
A crack appears before our eyes,
a glimmer of hope we see.

So after years of sweat and toil,
the wall is not so tall.
If anyone said it would be this hard,
would we start at all.

After twenty years of research,
after selling all our posessions
That crack in the wall is not so small,
but what price our obsession.

And then we stumble across our friends,
who's plight is the same today.
We give them a hand, and together we stand,
at family history UK.

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