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A prayer

Hello I just wanted to share the following,I hope you all like it when I was little my mother would sing this to her 7 children
try reading it slowly ,it should then make sense

Moro Dadus,savo djives oteh drey o charos.te caumen Georgio to Romany chai tiro nav,te quel tiro ten te aukko prey pur,sar kairdios oteh drey o charros.
Dey men to divvus-moro,ta ferday men pazorrus tukey sar men fer-donna ten pazorrhus amande,ma muk te petrenna drey calk temptacionos,ley men abri sor descheder ,Tiro se otem,Mi duvel,tiro o zoozhem vast tiro so koskopen drey sor cheros.
Arali Ta Chaipen.
Our Father ,who dwellest there in heaven,may Gentile and Gypsy love thy name,thy kingdom come,may they do thy word here on earth as it is done there in heaven.Give us today our daily bread and forgive us indebted to thee as we forgive them indebted to us,suffer not that we fall into no temptation,take us from all evil.
Thine is the kingdom my God,thine the strong hand,thine all goodness in all time.
Aye Truth
Merry Christmas every one
Romany Rosex
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