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A question of etiquette

I've been trying to trace one of my aunts, and found a record of her marriage in the late 1950s. Through various searches on Google I found her husband and his second wife, and on the BT website their address and phone number.

I'm not sure if my aunt is still alive (she'd be in her early 80s, so perfectly possible) but she may have been divorced, and her husband remarried. Her husband is definitely still alive, and in his mid-70s.

The question of etiquette is whether I should write to him at his home address? If I had his email, I would find no problem in contacting him, but somehow snail-mail seems more personal, though I don't know why. I'd really like to find out about my aunt for all sorts of family-related reasons, but I don't want to open up any old wounds.

What would you do?
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