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A success.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I recieved another marriage cert in the post this morning.
My excitement soon subsided when I opened it. It was almost illegible.

It looked like someone had copied a copy of a copied copy. If you get my drift.
So I scanned it and saved is a 'jpeg' image (I haven't a clue what that means). I then tinted/flooded/colour enhanced/shaded/sepia'd the image, i clicked every button and tweaked everything available in my photosuite.

And then it all became as clear as mud.:mad:

So I pushed the 'undo' button, and reverted to black and white.

WHOOOOOA!!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee, I could make out the father of the brides name, and the witnesses.:2fun:
I then printed it out in black and white in the best resolution that my machine could muster.
More relevent detail came out at last. Everything except for the registrar's name, and who cares about him.
This was my maternal Gt.Grandfather's marriage cert, which has enabled me to get back to 1702, another 5 generations, with a possible unsourced extra generation which would eventually go back to 1678.

As a side note, it turns out that my Gt.Grandfather was a Constable(Police) in 1844 at the time of his marriage. Oh the shame of it.:biggrin:

This has cheered me up a bit, so thanks to everybody for all the great advice and info that you have given to me.:kissu: :kissu: :rolleyes:

Steve.:) :)

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