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A Trip Down Forum Way.


Loyal Member
swindon wilts
Leefer had a two day trip in his lorry..wares my destination i asked my boss..its LINCOLN LAD in a northern accent.on my way past JON ATTWOOD services..DELIA the lady from Norwich had recomended EMELTEE a new beverage made by Typhoo....had some chips but prefer mine made from a King EDWARD......on my way again but soon had to stop to adjust my CRANKYPANTS..kept riding in places they shouldnt...trucking through the Great British countryside,villages with ponds being cleared of DUCKWEED to make way for MOREDUCKLINGS,alas i was lost so stopped in WATKINWICH a delightfull village and stopped at GD COOPER,s the old ironmongers..its there i DREW breath sharply.....the village doctor was in a bad way so i took his arm and said reLAXDOC..whats up!....ive come over al LIGHTY headed he replied....wares the owner of this storei asked him trying to calm him it SMEE says Ol man Cooper..i will take care of the Doc.
On my travels again i listen to the news Mount CHRISTINOA has erupted again in NAINMADDIE a small Scottish island...a very neat and tidy little island by all accounts....its no good i need more food so stop for a pizza at the NEW MEXICAN situated at GWENYTH on the GREEN...i was served by BENNY who apparently was in crossroads around 1982.....he reckons that his Rellies goes back to the Doomesday book and that Great Auntie MARIA 44 times removed was actually one of the scouse lasses at Runnymead to watch over the Magna Carter book signing...prefer Harry POTTER myself.
By ELLIE it was getting late now and as the DARK CRYSTAL started to set i pulled the SUNSCREEN down so my eyes wernt dazzled...
I parked up in a NEP car park....couldnt get get the C in so ile make do with E....talking of letters was desperate for a P... RISBOY was the local village stray and he cocked his leg in unison with mine!!!!!!!!!!
Tired now i give my teeth a scrub...that new STERICO toothpaste kills all known germs dead....my head hits the pillow TRISH the news reader tells me the footy score i dread hearing...Swindon 8 DAVEHAM 9....shocking same ol Town throw away a 8 goal lead again.
Next morning Lincoln beckons and as my Sat Nav goes haywire i stop to ask directions at JTP,s...ware JULIE tells me ware to go...in fact Julies good at telling everyone ware to go.....in moderation of course!
So its up the SUSAN WILLIS 59 opposed to the more sensible A1..and i get to my destination at last.....GIBBO,s was a company that specialised in making Vegemite...but buisness was slow and Marmite was having the last laugh because it tasted better apparently....Gibbos Aussie conpatriot JMR wasnt to happy either by all accounts.....so there you are....my trip down Forum Way.

Hope no one is offended its just abit of fun i worked on while in Wales today...had an hour to kill so here you go...apologies to anyone who is offended......Regards to ALL of you including the newbies i have left out as well as the thousands of old members,who contribute to making this such a pleasant place to visit......................Regards Lee.

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