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A Welsh Tale.


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swindon wilts
Poor Dai is on his deathbed when his friend Emrys visits him.....both 90 years old Emrys takes Dai by the hand and says....we played so much Rugby together,been good friends,please if you can tell me if there is a rugby heaven when you pass on.....with a smile and a nod poor Dai passes on.
A week later Emrys is awoken by a big white flash and his friend Dai's voice saying...Emys its me...i have much good news and just a little bad.

Emrys listens as Dai in great detail tells him how in Rugby heaven all there old friends are there...all in there teens,Welsh beer is plentifull...so i have to go back to heaven now but i promised i would tell you the good news.....thankyou so much Dai says Emrys......it is good news but please tell me before you go the little bit of bad news?.......well said Dai you asked so i will tell you.......you are on the teamsheet for tommorows game:biggrin:

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