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A workers tale.


Loyal Member
swindon wilts
On my travels today...Swansea in fact,decided to stop at Marks and Spencers roadside shop...baught a coffee and a Melton Mowbray pork pie.
On returning to my lorry i stepped down a step i didnt know was there..the ensuing facts occured,,,my pork pie hit the deck and started to roll towards the petrol pump,my reflex made me shoot forward to try and stop it resulting in red hot coffee spilling on my leg..i screamed like a kid and the look of horror on a poor old ladys face after said Anglo Saxon expletives wasnt nice.
I tried to stay cool..i put the remaining coffee down and lent forward again..forgeting the biro pen in my pocket that speared my inside leg...trying not to yelp again i reached said pie..as i walked towards it a 4x4 bmw decided to run over my lunch making it the flattest pie in history...i wasnt happy...got back to lorry with both legs throbbing and my stomach rumbling...i never have much luck in Wales.

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