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A Worldwide Xmas Tale.


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swindon wilts
JMR was packing..she is CRAVEN her forthcoming trip to blighty..though i doubt she will be looking GAUNT after all that Yorkshire pudding..and talking of Yorkshire Duckweed is a local WALKER..and it wasnt uncommon for her to walk a GOODACRE at a time.
Sterico was more moderate...he preferred looking at BROOKS...CORNISH ones were even better in his view...ware as the other moderate forumer Juliejtp prefered to fly her KITE which could be highly dangerous at times....strange though as this time it was her chasing the BULLOCK.
Nainmaddie likes FRENCH cuisine,..poor Maddie was once caught leaving the bistro without paying...what am i OWEN she asked poor Bertrand....is that really the WHITEWAY to behave...disgracefull.
Gibbo was having her usual malarkey with the hubby..always happens round Xmas time...strewth lets just jump on the SHIPMAN she cried in anguish my ancestral home is calling...your acting like a TROLOPPE was poor hubbys retort...which isnt really suprising seeing as its in the family.Ellie loved the Christmas BALL and had much fun looking at the different COATES of arms on show.
New Mexican was getting ready for the yuletde...splashing on sun lotion in the American sunshine..apparently she was once in HOLLOWAY prison...all she wanted was a BEDFORD the night.... Dave Lambert was involved in a flowery episode,fascinatingly he was asked to FOSTER a ROSE,Pete Risboy had gone to St IVES for chrimbo..he was happily singing with the locals..they were treating him like a KING..fancy a beer said Jethro...MOORE the merrier he chuckled.
Crankypants was looking for another MANN..shes looked for thousands of them....its what rings her BELL..
Benny was putting his stocking out early..he had tudor rellies..or was it a STEWART,..a very old relly of his was an ARCHER on the run from Cromwells army..they found him hiding in TITSHALL..a large castle with a double turret!
Marie was reading about baby Jesus and hearing how Mary and Joseph found an inn for the night....so thats ware that bleeder came from..Jerusalem!
She looked on her window sill and saw a confident little bird...gota be a RENSHAW.
Dave Ham was putting his ANGEL on the top of his family tree..will angels be there for me when i get to heaven will they make me welcome at the pearly gates..theres plenty ide like to ASKHAM.......GD Cooper was sitting with his wife...they are like CHALK and cheese...silver and GOLDING tinted decorations were the order of the day in that far off place in Australia.
Gwenyth Green and Anwyn were out on the bridleway...ime BUSTIN says Gwenyth...funny that says Anwyn so am i....beter make HASTINGS case we wet ourselfs.....
To all my fellow forumers ide love to have got you in my little yarn...and as time goes on the edit may get you in this silly tale...if you feel left out tell me and i will most definatly squeeze you in.
Regards to all.............Lee.
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