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About A Foundling

Lynne Ryan

Well-known member
Cungulla via TOWNSVILLE
:) I have found a certificate or something resembling one in my gt grandmothers papers...its for my gt grandfather born 1897,it says his name Albert Williamson.. after which is wriiten (foundling)in brackets... mother, was Mary Ann Shepherd ,we name that was her name...father thomas williamson...then she supposedly married a man, named ,j. hunter....he was also widower with children as well..i have his first wife name ...but then mary and and him had more kids,still no sign of my gt grd/father...
i was trying to find my gt grandfathers birth cert...
i also have their marriage cert, but his name is different,plus going thru the pioneer index there is no such person as the person i know as my gt grandfather...over the years we all thought his name was Hunter,he was even married and buried as a Hunter,there are no adoption papers,there was never any talk of it either.. ...he is suppose to be a full brother to the Hunters...we know most of the Williamson brothers..my real question is,i know i digressed a bit,but can some one explain the word foundling to me ...with this story,and where could i go to find out more..can some one suggest anything please..it just seems funny if he was a Hunter where is his birth cert.. we know also where he was born .so his name should be in the pioneer index...there is no albert hunter,only an albert williamson....but the williamsom family all say no, his father was a Hunter...he even looks hunter,different to any of the williamson they all small he was very tall,just strange to us..
cheers Lynne
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