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Abraham Holmes 1670

Abraham Holmes 1670 according to my records is the son of William Holmes 1640. Abraham was born in Ballygelagh, Ballyaghran Parish & Ballyreagh, Ballywillin Parish. Abraham had 1 older brother William who had a son Samuel & a younger brother Nathaniel b. 1690 married to Janet Hunter. Nathaniel's & Janet's line immigrated to the U.S.

Abraham 1670 had 4 sons, I do not have a wife for Abraham. His sons were: Abraham b. 1700 (est) married to Janet Hopkins of Bellykelly, Ninian b. 1715 of Ballywillin Parish ( this line immigrated to the U.S. ), 3rd son of Abraham was Samuel of Coleraine County ( who had a son Samuel born in Dublin ), last son of Abraham was Paul ( who had a son Abraham ).

Any help with Abraham's 1670 family would be deeply appreciated!!!!!!!

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