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Not much to work with.


The Sydney Morning Herald - Sat 28 Mar 1896 p.1
KERSHAW.-March 26, at Manly, Abraham, beloved husband of Lily Kershaw, aged 81 ; colonist of over 60 years.

A Wesleyan marriage and a son has middle name of Wellington.
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Thanks gibbo.

Surnames of the 1/80th Regiment soldiers who stayed.

Not on the list.

The Soldiers listed below were in Australia on Garrison Duty.
... KERSHAW Abraham ", ." KERSHAW James ", ." KERSHAW William ", ...

The 'Susan' is not listed as a ship that carried soldiers of the 80th.

" Heber "
Sailed from Dublin 16th March 1837 Arrived Sydney 12th July 1837

" Eden 1 "
Sailed from Sheerness 10th July 1840 Arrived Sydney 18th November 1840
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There is no list on the usual site for 'Susan' with that date.

Sailed on 29th July, 1837
Arrived 21st November, 1837 at Van Diemen's Land

Sailed on 21st April, 1842
Arrived 25th July, 1842 at Van Diemen's Land
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Thanks gibbo.

Yes, I just found that.

Seems the usual convict sites have some errors.

Sailed on 29th July, 1837
Arrived 21st November, 1837 at Van Diemen's Land

No arrival in Trove on that date.

So we have Portsmouth 15 Aug 1837 and Arrival 11 Dec 1837 instead of the above dates ??
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Thanks gibbo.

The last link to Trove is probably the closest we get for the departure dates.

I tried Lancs OPC to see if mmn was Wellington but no result.

Start Date 01 April 1837
End Date 31 March 1838
K on image 13

Kershaw James but no Abraham.

Image 83
Reg. No. 926 Kershaw Abraham

I can't find Abraham Kershaw in TNA as a soldier in any regiment.

AMOS KERSHAW Born UNDERSFIELD, Lancashire Served in 80th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 28
JAMES KERSHAW Born WARDLEWORTH, Lancashire Served in 80th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 39
WILLIAM KERSHAW Born WARDLEWORTH, Lancashire Served in 11th Foot Regiment; 80th Foot Regiment; 99th Foot...
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Possible birth

Abraham Kershaw born 4 July 1815, baptised 27 August 1815 at Rochdale Union Street Chapel (Weslyan). Parents Joshua and Mary. Joshua a Woollen Weaver of Parade Street, Wardleworth, Rochdale.

Abraham's Army Discharge Papers are on fmp. He joined the 80th Regiment of Foot 8 December 1831. He was a Woollen Weaver from Wardleworth. Soldier Number 2727.
He was discharged 16 January 1857 in Sydney NSW.

Best I can find for the marriage of his parents Joshua Kershaw/Mary Crossley 24 September 1792 Rochdale
Thanks emeltee.

The payroll sheets I posted for the date range he was in NSW had Regimental No as 926. I wonder why different. Perhaps because some of the rank and file of the 80th were with the Mounted Police.

Surnames of those men in 80th Regiment Mounted Police Detachment.

He is not on that list so that does not explain the change of number.

No occupation.

I, Abraham Kershaw do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with, the Wesleyan Methodist Church [signed] Abraham Kershaw
I, William Schofield, Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Melbourne do hereby Certify that Abraham Kershaw Bachelor, of Broken River, and Jane Cuthbert Spinster, of Melbourne, were joined together in Wedlock by me on the Fifteenth day of March 1844, at Melbourne, in the presence of William and Sarah Ewings, of Melbourne in the District of Port Phillip.
Witnesses signed: William Ewings, Sarah her x mark Ewing
[signed] William Schofield Minister
Examined Theresa Jaques Clk Regr. Genls. Off.
I Certify the above to be a true and Correct Copy Willm. Carlton
22nd August 1845 Registrar General
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