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Absalom PALMER


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I'd like a look up please in 1861 for an Absalom PALMER b. abt 1830 or a bit earlier.

Spouse could be Mary Ann b. abt 1831 or Caroline. Thanks.

Marriages Mar 1853
HOPES Caroline Keynsham 5c 1176
PALMER Absalom Keynsham 5c 1176
PEACOCK Mary Ann Keynsham 5c 1176
SHEPPARD William Keynsham 5c 1176


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Hello Steve,

Longford. :2fun:

Probably Keynsham or Bristol St George or Clifton or .. Gloucestershire.



Hello Steve,

It's very curious. There is the 1853 marriage but no sign of a death until after 1911.

This one from 1881 was born about 1847 so not the one who married in 1853.

Absalom PALMER Head M Male 34 Oldland, Gloucester, England Stone Mason

So as an alternative please see if you can find William SHEPPARD with spouse in 1861. Thanks.


Maybe William Sheppard.

1861 census.

William Sheppard
Age: 38
abt 1823
born: Burnham, Somerset, England
C-P. Fisherton Anger


William Sheppard 38.
Caroline Sheppard 38. b.Bristol.
William Albert Sheppard 12. b.Bristol.
John Henry Sheppard 7
Thomas Sheppard 5
Mary Ann Sheppard 3
Mary Jane Brown 1

Other kids born Salisbury.

Hello Steve,


That seems to mean Mary Ann PEACOCK married Absalom so where did they go and is she my Mary Ann? :rolleyes:

Ah. William Albert born before the marriage.


Hello Julie,

Thanks for looking.

Seems William married Caroline and Mary Ann married Absalom but there seems no sign of them in England in 1861. It may not matter. I only have one Mary Ann PEACOCK b. abt 1831 with father = Aaron so if mine married Isaac JONES then I hope we can prove it.



abalom palmer married mary ann peacock 6 feb 1853 mary father james peacock absalom dad george palmer , parents of mary were james and hannah my g g g grandparents ,absalom and mary left bristol and went to live in WEST BROMWICH West Midlands where they had a daughter rachel she was born 23/1/1856 ,rachel came to bristol and lived grandpapents james and hannah by 1861 i dont know what happened to absalom or mary bit of a mystery
on 1861 cens it says rachel was daughter to james and hannah and has rachel down as peacock but on 1871 it says grandaughter to james and hannah
rachel later married joseph peacock (widower ) rachel married him under the name of palmer in 5 april 1884 , they later had a son roland peacock born 1886 . he died 1963 in kingswood bristol

hope this helps any one who is searching this line

regards marg

abit more to add

i have a very strong feeling absalom palmer was absalom gay born siston 1827
Absalom baptised Mangotsfield 2 Dec 1827, parents George &
father a collier in Syston.

just thought maybe absalom changed his name because of being in prison??.
on the 1851 census albsalom gay is on there (a coal miner) with parents george and rachel , and being that absalom mum was rachel i thought this is why he named his daughter the same , i do have absalom marriage certif of him to mary ann peacock also saying absalom was a miner ,and i also have daughter rachel birth certif ,

just wish i could find proof that absalom might of had a name change , what also gets me me thinking is that george gay and wife rachel seem to of vanished and there is no more mentioned of a absalom gay hmmmm the mind boggles

hope this might help any one searching

cheers marg
Hello marg,

Thank you very much.

It will take me a few days to get back into PEACOCK mode. ;)

They and the LEWTON / LEARs and WILMOTTs and the HODGEs have driven me almost sane. :2fun:

We will try to solve the puzzle.

The Mary Ann in my tree is the one with parents Aaron & Ann BATEMAN.

I'm wondering what the birth certificate for Rachel says re her parents. Does it say George PALMER or George GAY? What maiden name does it give for George's spouse?

Do you have the marriage of George & Rachel?

I have 5 in my PEACOCK line who were illegitimate and who took their mother's name for their marriages and for birth registration of children and for 1841 census listings but by 1851 or 1862 had reverted to their father's name.


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hi dave

rachel palmer born 23 jan 1856 on her certif it says father absalom palmer a miner and mother mary ann palmer nee peacock at this time they were living at greets green west bromwich

on rachel marriage
Rachael Palmer married Joseph Peacock, Hanham Abbots, 5 April 1884. joseph was 28 & a widower who was a gardener. He lived Mount Hill, his father was Aaron a gardener. Rachael was a spinster of 26, who was a machinist of Mount Hill, father Absolom a labourer. They married by banns. Both signed their names, witnesses Henry Bright & Sarah Ann Tremlett. Note says Absalom Palmer deceased. (joseph peacock was owner of mount hill maket gardens ) which are still there i understand roland the son took over at a later date

no i dont have a marriage certif for george gay or palmer to a rachel they would of married pre 1837

on absalom palmer marriage certif it has
absalom palmer miner living mount hill a batchalor father george palmer miner , mary ann peacock spinster living moutn hill father james peacock miner , witnesses mainham higbey and charles ship , clerk they married at st marys bitton,

just curios
with your willmott was it daniel peacok that married ann willmott at st marys 10/11/1820

like you got some names that can drive you nuts because cant find info or name changes or too many in the family having same name

cheers marg
Hello Marg,
You may already know this, but incase you don't, the
Absalom Palmer in prison in 1851 was a Coal Miner aged 23 from Pucklechurch. I'm not directly related to this family, but I'm interested in all PEACOCK and WILMOT posts as they married into the LEAR family. I hit a brick wall with my LEARs about 10 years ago.
hi tracy

yes i knew absalom went to prison for larcny for 3 months ,
my harry peacock married a mabel elizabeth lear she was born 1893 died 1987 she was the daugter of sidney lear , harry (also know as henry at times)was her 2nd marriage she 1st married william hopes he died in the war ,

cheers marg
Hello marg,

just curios
with your willmott was it daniel peacok that married ann willmott at st marys 10/11/1820

Yes, that's the one.

The George & Rachel marriage would be the really interesting one if it could be found.

So there are two possible reasons for the name change, being in prison one of them.


Well now. :D I just checked a Joseph in my tree and this is what I have:

Births Sep 1855
Peacock Joseph Keynsham 5c 664

Market gardener

1881 ?

Marriages Jun 1884
Palmer Rachel Keynsham 5c 1199
Peacock Joseph Keynsham 5c 1199

1891 ?

1901 ?

Sister Mary Jane married Henry BRIGHT.

Do you know who Joseph married before he married Rachel?


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hi dave

joseph 1st married elizabeth mary pilliinger on 02 Sep 1880
St Mary bitton , (she was daughter of james pillinger ) elizabeth died in 1881 april quarter , so as you can see they were not married long ,

cheers marg
Hello marg,

Thank you for that.

Marriages Sep 1880
Chapman Samuel John Keynsham 5c 996
Langdon Caroline Eliza Keynsham 5c 996
Peacock Joseph Keynsham 5c 996 ***
Pillinger Elizabeth Mary Keynsham 5c 996 ***

Deaths Jun 1881
PEACOCK Elizabeth Mary 25 Keynsham 5c 455

I can't find Joseph or his parents in 1881.

Can you help me with James & Hannah please. I can't find a James that fits or the marriage. I've tried the non-conformist records as well.



hi dave

DO YOU MEAN the james peacock born abt 1807 who married hannah iles
james dates 1806 to 1882 and hannah 1806 to 1882 i got both their death ceritfs james died 5 nov 1882 hannah died 23 nov 1882 but on both cerits ages are abit out because it would make hannah born 1803 and james bor 1813 , but as you probablly know quite often dates were out back in they days . if this is the james and hannah you mentioned i do not have a marriage date for them

cheers marg
Hello marg,

Sorry that was not clear. I was after the parents of Mary Ann who married Absalom.


hi dave

the details of james and hannah i sent you they were the parents of mary ann ,
james and hannah were my g g g grandparents .

you asked about joseph he is on the 1881 its just him and elizabeth ,

joseph parents were aaron and ursula , they are on the 1881,

hope this helps

cheers marg