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Absolute beginner!! needs help

Hi All, I am an absolute beginner but what I have found so far by googleing for info is that in every case there seems to be a cost levied to search records!! I cannot believe this. So my question: is it possible to search birth and death records for free.

Thanks for any comments (apologise if I have posted in the wrong place)

Mike. :)
Thanks gibbo, I have little info on my great grandfather other than his name and address where he died I have looked at the 1911 census (free for 5mins!!) and established his DoB but place of birth is miles away from where he died so I am wondering if I have the right person. What would be helpful is a 'beginners tutorial' - is there such a thing on this site?

post what info you have and we'll see if we can get you started.

If people are still alive you may wish to start a new thread in the private forum where only FHUK members can see it

Thanks Dave, What I have: Name: Fredrick Hardy. DoB 1872, Place Millbay.

Died 1957-8, place Birmingham, Leigh Road, B8. Son (my father) William Fredrick Hardy

He is listed aged 9 on the 1881 census and 39 on the 1911 census ( if I have the correct person).

The date of death is correct from what I can remember.

Hi gibbo, Sorry I don't have my grandmother's name, I was very young when she died and cannot remember, she was always gran to me. The other info is correct.