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Access to 1911 census by address


Active member
I can't get you free access to the 1911 but here is a tip to help you search on there for any family member at an address.


1) First click on the link above.
2) Click on where it says "Search the 1911 census" at the top left of the screen.
3) Click on " Search advanced field"
4) Fill in what location they are at. i.e. The county they are in.
5) fill out the address where it says " residenial place"
a place you think they may be at ( fingers crossed you have either a certificate from around that time frame with one on or you could chance where they were 1901, or look at any directories for any family members )
Now the address must be 100% correct spelling, you can not put ST for street or RD for road. It has to be the full word, so Ave will not work.
6) now scroll right down to the bottom of the page and just put a full stop in where it says " census reference"
you do not have to fill out any names at all, it should bring up all people at that abode. You some times get a few streets/roads/ave's with the same name but you should be able to disgard them when you look at district. You could fill in the district if you know it.

Have a go and let me know if you understand and get it working for you all?

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