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Access to the 1921 Census


Valued Member
Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Access to the 1921 census

In times of economic stress such as these the government might be open to any idea that could generate useful revenue and the 1921 census is one such project.

A way to generate income, provide jobs and boost the economy all at the same time without making cuts.
Such a policy must be popular with the electorate.

The National Audit Office report on the release of the 1901 census stated that the internet access to the 1901 generated revenues of £4.5 million by October 2003, less than one year.
In five years that amounts to a conservative sum of £22.5 million and useful figure for even a government to play with.

I would therefore like to suggest a campaign to encourage the government to release the 1921 now.
Now is the time to write to Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament we may be able to obtain a change in policy.

If you want access to the 1921 census now is possibly the only time to act.

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