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Accessing WW1 army records


Valued Member
I would love some information about getting hold of the army records for my Dad's Uncles Edwin and William Gaunt. Edwin was born in Bradford in 1882 and William was born in Barrow-in-Furness in 1885. They both served in the Royal Artillery and William was killed in April 1917, in the Theatre of War in France.

I have pictures of both and quite a lot of information, but the photos I have were identified by their siste, my Grandmother, differently from William's descendants. I have letters from William's captain and chaplain giving one accout of his death, saying he fell ill and died peacefully, but his Gt Grandson says the family story passed down by William's wife, is that he was injured and when being taken to hospital the ambulance was shelled and blown up! Did they have ambulances then?

I would love to gain access to their records and see what is documented there. I am hoping there might be photos attached as well, which would settle once and for all, just who was which brother!!!

Would anyone know how I would go about getting their complete army record please. I'm in Australia so any on'line information would be great.

Kind regards,

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